NVIDIA has released a new version of GeForce Game Ready drivers for download today. With this driver you can take advantage of all the innovations of the new DLSS 2.3 version. The developed DLSS technology enables better use of motion vectors in games, while reducing ghosting and increasing image quality.

You can also start using the Image Scaling feature that NVIDIA has just introduced. The latest 496.76 Game Ready driver offers an update to the existing NVIDIA Display Scaling feature, which improves performance in all games and GeForce GPUs through the spatial scaling and sharpening algorithm. You can access NVIDIA Image Scaling through both the NVIDIA Control Panel and GeForce Experience. This feature can also be adjusted from the in-game interface and includes a per-game sharpening setting.

The NVIDIA Image Scaling feature works at the kernel level and outside of Windows. That’s why a hardware card is required to accurately capture gameplay footage. Apart from that, Shadowplay has been updated so you can take screenshots via GeForce Experience. Video capture support will also be added to Shadowplay at a later date.

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Michael Lewis


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