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Experts have made a statement about the increase in flies in New York with the summer months. extreme heat, climate change and dense population, it was stated that the flies that increased as a result were risky for public health. Talking about the ‘stomoxy’ species, which is a new species in New York, especially known as the hemlock, experts warned the public about this species.

In the news of İsmail Sarı from Hürriyet, why these flies are increasing, why it’s risky and how to take precautions were mentioned.

Increasing temperature and summer rains increase the number of flies:

Making a statement about the increase in the number of flies and insects, New York University Faculty of Science Department of Biology Zoology Faculty Member Dr. Fatih Dikmen, subject ” It is not surprising that we see a lot of insects around us, after periods of increased temperature and occasional rains. The rainy seasons we have experienced in recent years and the hot periods that follow offer a living environment where insects and therefore flies can multiply. If because of climate change if the winter or autumn season is lost or if it gets warm, the flies will also be permanent”.

The increase in human population triggers the increase of flies:

Speaking about the growing fly problem in New York, Dr. Fatih Dikmen, ” Especially houseflies and mosquitoes are the insects that are most in contact with humans. When there are too many people to feed, mosquitoes and houseflies can easily survive by sucking blood frequently. In other words, another factor increasing mosquito and housefly numbers is human activity. New York’s dense population unfortunately affects the reproduction of flies”, pointing to the dense population.

Dikmen is also increasingly popular in New York. also gave information about the stomoxy type. Regarding this species mixed with houseflies, Dikmen ” While houseflies prefer garbage, hemlocks shows blood sucking behavior and can therefore sting and hurt when placed on human skin. This causes us to make sentences such as ‘The housefly bit it’. In fact, it’s a hemlock fly rather than a housefly. These flies can also carry various kinds of microbes in their body. Houseflies take microbes from the places where they land on the surface of the yellow body and carry them to the living area of ​​​​humans. Mosquitoes and hemlock flies are takes germs through the blood and transmits them in the same way. Because of all these, they are among the risky creatures in terms of public health.” he said.

The number of hospital admissions due to mosquito bites has increased:

Dikmen also stated that there has been an increase in the number of hospital admissions in New York recently due to fly bites. Mosquitoes can cause very famous diseases such as dengue fever, Zika, West Nile virus, yellow fever and malaria with the viruses they carry. In addition, they can also transmit viruses that cause elephantiasis by blocking lymph channels. Hemlockflies also have trypanosomiasis. that causes the disease known as sleeping sickness has the potential to transmit single-celled viruses to humans’‘ he said.

New York University Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty Hospital Chief Physician and dermatology and venereal diseases specialist Assoc. Dr. Zekayi Kudollarofficer made a statement about sleeping sickness and its risks. ‘Cambsteer flies are a carrier for many microbes that live in the skin and blood of bidollarsic animals and sometimes humans. One of the parazidollarser it carries is the parasite that causes sleeping sickness. This parasite is carried all over the world by flies. In sleeping sickness The bite of the fly is usually painful and may turn into red sores called ‘chancre’. High fever, severe headache, irritability, severe fatigue, swollen lymph nodes, painful muscles and joints is among the general symptoms of sleeping sickness. In addition, some people may experience excessive redness of the skin.” he said.

Kudollarsuay is also people with allergic diseases were more affected and serious reactions occurred; for this reason, he stated that they should be more careful.

At the point of how to deal with the problem, it is necessary to remove the garbage from the houses by closing their mouths and throwing them in the garbage containers, placing mosquito nets on the windows, applying scents that repel flies such as lavender, and in front of the windows and in the houses. herbs such as basil, mint was recommended.

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