Warren Buffett’s grandson is very keen on the popular altcoin project Ethereum and NFTs. While her grandfather remained a huge crypto skeptic, Nicole Buffett has turned into an NFT fan. Nicole Buffett, granddaughter of billionaire Warren Buffett, recently told Institutional Investor that her non-tradable token (NFT) collection is nearly extinct in just a few months. Detail Cryptocoin. com

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Altcoin fan grandson Buffeet

The legendary businessman’s grandson says that Ether is the currency of the NFT space, while rivals such as Cardano and Solana are trying to challenge Ethereum’s dominance in the industry. Buffett says he only accepts dollars for physical art:

I will help people buy art on Blockchain, but the currency of the NFT domain is Ethereum. I still get dollars for physical art.

Warren Buffett is known as one of the harshest crypto critics, who famously called Bitcoin the “rat poison square”. His grandson claims that investing in art is no different than investing in stocks or bonds:

My grandfather will look at something and say, ‘Is there integrity? Does it have sustainable value? What are the components; can you smash them?… Art is very similar to that.

When it comes to plagiarism, Buffett says he wants his NFTs to stay affordable. Most of Buffett’s buyers have no clue about his ties to one of America’s wealthiest families before the real transaction takes place.

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