In which the understanding of dictatorship is dominant North Korea took a decision that worried the whole world. Yongbyon Nuclear Reactor, which has been closed since 2018, has started to operate again with a decision taken. International Atomic Energy Agency

A detail in the statements from highlights the possibility that North Korea is working on new weapons.

North Korea did not give an explanation as to why it restarted the Yongbyon Nuclear Reactor. However, this move United Milledollarser has drawn the attention of the USA in particular. An official from the United States, which North Korea has shown as the number one enemy; ” Developments to denuclearize North Korea dialogue and shows the urgent need for diplomacy.“.

International Atomic Energy Agency: North Korea may be developing nuclear weapons

In the statements made by the International Atomic Energy Agency, the studies as of early July was stated to be launched. The authorities, who determined that there are movements such as the discharge of the cooling water in the facility, plutonium splitting they indicate. Describing the step taken by North Korea as worrying, the International Atomic Energy Agency said, ” This step is North Korea’s to expand the range of nuclear weapons may cause.” he said.

Whether North Korea, which dares to threaten the whole world with its nuclear weapons, will make a statement on the subject. unknown. However, the nuclear weapons studies carried out by the country under the leadership of Kim Jong-Un are a clear indication that similar works will be undertaken in the future. While it is clear that nuclear weapons will cause problems for the whole world after a while international public opinionHow it will react to North Korea is not yet clear.

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