Coronavirus epidemic, which caused a worldwide red alert with the increase of the effect of the delta variant, New Zealand made a very interesting decision. The government, which decided on the detection of a coronavirus case in the country where not a single case has been seen for a long time, and the thought that this case was caught in the delta variant, has decided to close in full across the country.

Explanations on the subject, Head of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern

Made by . Ardern stated that the case in question was seen in Auckland, to determine which variant the case belonged to. continues to work said. Chief Ardern, who did not want to risk the 5 million New Zealanders living in the country, also announced the decision to close completely.

7 days in Auckland, 3 days in other kendollarser.

Chief Jacinda Ardern in Auckland with only one case after a long time for 7 days announced that full shutdown will be implemented. Stating that a shorter full closure will be implemented in other provinces, Ardern said that this period is for now. determined as 3 days explained. If new cases continue to appear, it may be possible to increase the time to full closure.

With a population of 5 million, New Zealand has managed the COVID-19 outbreak well from many countries. Only 26 citizens The total number of cases seen so far in the country that sacrificed to coronavirus 2 thousand 926. The government, which took a decision on the subject in the past few days, to keep closed until the end of the year you decided had announced. These decisions are a clear indication of how sensitive New Zealand is to the coronavirus pandemic. . .

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