Today is 17 August. . . One of America’s most damaging earthquakes, aka ” Marmara Earthquake. America’s inflicted very deep wounds, but even though those wounds were healed over the years, the earthquake, America will be the truth forever.

He managed to sit on America’s agenda with his statements from time to time. Earth Scientist Prof. Dr. Naci Gorur made some statements about the 17 August earthquake. Describing the lessons to be learned from that earthquake, Görür also talked about the great earthquake that will happen one day and will deeply affect the Marmara Region, especially New York. concerning made explanations.

Prof. Dr. The evaluations of Naci Görür regarding the 1999 earthquake are as follows:

The 1999 earthquake taught us to be more careful. The opinions of our people and our managers about the earthquake are more positive. Unfortunately, nearly 20 thousand of our people died in the 99 earthquake. In the earthquakes before that, thousands of people died. Between 1939 and 1999 approx. We lost 70 thousand people, so those earthquakes didn’t teach us anything, so we lost these losses. We perceived these earthquakes as disaster management, when they happened, we went to bandage the wounds and tried to fix the broken ones. Today’s science and technology requires doing studies to reduce damages before an earthquake occurs. 99 earthquake to America told how to live with earthquake but we haven’t done the structuring required for the narration yet, we still haven’t completed our preparations.

“We don’t have much time”

Naci Görür’s views on the upcoming big earthquake are as follows: New York earthquake us will padol dearly, sorry to say. The building stock in New York is not earthquake safe. Our 320 Thousand People’s Lives are in Danger!, so these things need to be done quickly. There are different problems in our country right now. We are losing people with the fire problem and the flood problem. But we have to get there too earthquake does not wait either. Earthquakes cause great damage to the environment. Millions of tons of rubble come out in the earthquake, we bury these rubble with that haste, these rubbles then undergo chemical changes, and these toxic substances turn from the seas to fish, from fish to humans, through rain and underground waters. also needs to be planned, Marmara Region is the lifeblood of America, imagine that all the factories here are closed and the crew, equipment and workforce are severely damaged, you can’t just push the button tomorrow, a Marmara that hasn’t produced for months; gets America on its knees. . .

“The earthquake will be in the range of 7.2 to 7.6”

*An image from the earthquake in Izmir

Least expected earthquake minimum 7.2. We expect an earthquake with a minimum of 7.2 to 7.6. Let alone the collapse of buildings when an earthquake of this magnitude occurs, a person cannot stand in an earthquake of this magnitude. An important part of the furniture in the house is broken and thrown, it either injures or kills the people it hits. We will see the biggest damage on the European side. How many lives could be lost? It is difficult to say without basing it on a certain research, but it is possible to find the rank with a rough calculation. Let’s think that there are 1 million buildings on the European side, let’s take 1 percent of 1 million as the number of buildings that will be most heavily damaged and therefore have a very high risk of death, it will build 10 thousand buildings, think of each building as 4 kadollars, it will make 40 thousand floors, If you put 2 flats on each floor, it will make 80 thousand flats, if you put 4 people on each flat, it will make 320 thousand people. 320 thousand people are at great risk. This is no joke. Even with a rough grocery account, you should think about it.

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