Amazon Game Studios’ recent history is full of failed games. That’s why so much work falls on New World, the studio’s new MMORPG. Especially at a time when MMORPGs are far from their former glory, it is critical for the game to be successful. If it’s good news New World seems to be coming to success with a rumble.

The New World game seems to be the new favorite of the fans of the genre, as it sticks to the classic elements of the MMO genre, but adds its own interpretation when necessary. Of course, let’s also consider the possibility of being wrong, and let’s go to New World. what a game it will be let’s take a closer look.

When will New World be released?

New World 31 August 2021 will open its doors to all players. In other words, there is not much time left in front of those waiting for Amazon’s new MMORPG. It will be available for purchase on Steam in New World America. game only PC and Amazon’s future plans are not to bring the game to consoles.

How much will New World cost?

There are two different versions of New World. These are the ‘Standard’ and ‘Deluxe’ versions. Those who want to have the standard version 109 Dollars, those who want to have the Deluxe version 139 Dollars encounters a price tag. Let’s say that there is no monthly payment system as we are used to from large-scale MMORPGs. It is unknown at this stage whether additional packedollarser will be added to the game for a fee in the future. There will be in-game item shopping.

  • Deluxe version only includes cosmetic items.

New World system requirements:

  • Minimum:
    • Operating system: Windows 10 64-bit
    • Processor: Intel Core i5-2400 or quad core, 3 GHz AMD
    • Memory: 8GB
    • Graphic card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 670 or AMD Radeon R9 280
    • Storage: 50 GB available space
  • Recommended:
    • Operating system: Windows 10 64-bit
    • Processor: Intel Core i7-2600K or AMD Ryzen 5 1400
    • Memory: 16GB
    • Graphic card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R9 390X
    • Storage: 50 GB available space
      • It has to be said that EVGA has pretty innocent system requirements despite the fact that it has cracked the RTX 3090s.

In what kind of world does the game take place?

New World takes place on an island called Aeternum. This island is dominated by a spell that has both empowering and corrupting effects. There are the remains of an ancient civilization that lived on the island before, and the piers of the ancient civilization that protect these remains. Of course, our struggle with the environment is not limited to these iskeledollarser. Lovingly our skeletal brethren are accompanied by enchanted beasts, settlers corrupted by magic as we mentioned above, and many more.

We come to the part that makes a game a game: How will the gameplay of New World be?

The biggest element in the gameplay of MMORPG games is undoubtedly the combat mechanics. While fighting in the New World, the click-and-attack logic that we are accustomed to seeing in MMORPGs is thrown aside and a siphon is drawn on it. Instead, each character has a hitbox. Your attacks on these hitboxes hitting is required. There are two different options to protect from attacks: jumping and blocking.

Another factor that affects the gameplay the most will of course be the leveling system. As they level up, points will be awarded to some essential attributes. For example, to increase the damage we do with melee weapons, ‘ strength‘ to increase the damage we do with ranged weapons, ‘ agility‘ features will be given points. It’s a pretty ordinary system so far, similar to what we can see in any MMORPG game.

The system that we cannot see in every MMORPG is to increase the damage we give by increasing our mastery with that weapon as we use a weapon. For example, someone who uses a lot of swords will do more damage with swords. As you master weapons, you will learn from that weapon’s own trait tree. special attack campaignsseries can be opened. The weapons in the game are swords, axes, spears, hammers, bows and rifles for now.

In addition to the above, there will also be magic ticks in the game. Spells will have effects such as healing or burning by attaching to weapons. Just like the weapons above, spells will have their own trait tree and likewise, the more they are used, the more they will be mastered.

Finally, we have the ‘craft’ system. It is not known at this stage how detailed the crafting system will be when New World makes its final debut. However, the event is to travel around the world to find raw materials and to work with these raw materials in the campuses. crafting new items will be on it. The more dangerous parts of the map will have stronger raw materials, and the stronger the workplaces, the more powerful items can be crafted.

How will New World’s PvP system be?

Of course, one of the first questions that comes to mind when it comes to an MMORPG is whether there will be PvP in the game. PvP option will be available in the game for those who want it. However, a player will not have to fight another player against his will. Players who wish to take part in the game to one of the three unions will be able to fight other players by equipping PvP flags after being included. Such battles will allow you to gain extra experience points and pave the way for faster leveling up.

Players who do not want PvP can play the game in any other way, either alone or in alliance with other players. open world role-playing game will be able to play. It will be able to do the things we are used to seeing in role-playing games, such as exploring new regions, fighting against countless kinds of enemies, finding new resources and crafting new items with these resources.

There will be regions called ‘territory’ in the game and player groups that control these regions:

Although GTA: San Andreas is one of the first games that come to mind when it comes to region control, things are a little more complicated in New World. First of all, there will be groups of fifty people in the game. (These groups are called “Company” in the game, but we know clan system) The purpose of these groups is to dominate the different regions that make up the New World map.

Regions in the game have a settlement and a fortress. Necessary for daily life in campuses workplaces and houses will be found. Fortresses are structures that a group must capture in order to control that area. If everything is ok so far, now we move on to more detailed information about the management and capture of these regions.

A group will adjust the tax rates in its region and manage the projects in that region with the income it receives from taxes. Thanks to these projects campuses and fortresses will evolve. As the workplaces in the settlements develop, players will be able to produce better equipment, and as the fortress is developed, it will be easier to defend the region.

So how will things work out when another group wants to take over the area? First of all, the group that wants to seize the region will declare war on the group that owns the region. Later on at a time determined by the defenders A fifty-fifty war will be held. During this battle, the attacking party will try to take control of certain points around the fort, pass through the gates and capture a central point. If the attacking party seizes the area, then what has been done in the area until then developments will reset and the group that is the new owner of the region will start doing all the upgrades again.

New World players will be able to buy a house when they join a group:

When players reach level twentieth, they will be able to host a settlement controlled by their group. Advantages of owning a home fast travel destination or respawn point is there to use. For a correct picture to come to mind, let us state that there will not be fifty different houses in the campuses. Most players will enter the same plot when they want to go home, but once inside the house, everyone will see their own house.

There will be customizations that can be made inside the houses. Some of these customizations are decorations, some are for the player. bonus furniture

It will be . Finally, players will be able to increase their fast travel points on the map by buying a second house when they reach level 40 and a third house when they reach level sixty.

That’s all for now, about the New World game, which is a short time away. Let’s see if Amazon Game Studios will hit the jackpot this time or the company’s between failed games will a new member join? You can share your thoughts on the subject with us in the comments section.

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