Recently, especially due to the variant called delta, it has become the center of our lives. COVID-19 outbreak does not seem to be able to breathe a sigh of relief until the worldwide vaccination process is completed. For delta variant being strong and spreading very quickly, the number of cases in the countries has started to reach the ceiling again.

The latest development in the epidemic, which exhausts humanity in every sense, is that the delta variant of the coronavirus not the last mutation revealed. The news from South Africa, which was talked about because of the mutation of the virus, C. 12“. The statement on the subject came from the South African National Infectious Diseases Institute.

According to the statements made by South African scientists, the variant in question is for the first time. in may was detected. Moreover, not only South Africa, but also New Zealand, Switzerland, Portugal, the Democratic Republic of Congo and even in China, it was stated that this variant was seen. Experts believe that the new variant is the original version of the virus. has undergone many changes it says it has a version.

C. The worrying aspect of variant 1.2 is that spreading so fast. According to studies by scientists, the rate of spread of this variant is 4. 18. This means that C. 1.2 has been detected so far. means it’s spreading faster than all varyandollarsars. Experts state that they think that C. 1.2 can replace the delta variant, and they continue to work on it. Information about him has not yet been published in a medical journal. unpublished

The variant is expected to be accepted by all health authorities in the near future.

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