The fan-kidollarwho over the years have grown their voice incredibly Star Wars went through some changes after the sale of LucasFilm to Disney. Star Wars, which started to show itself on different platforms, attracts fans who do not like change. upset a little bit, but overall a solid expansion lived. The series expanding to the latest anime universe, Star Wars: Visions came up with.

A anime anthology

Star Wars: Visions, which will appear as , will present independent episodes prepared by different anime studios. In addition, the series, which will have different language options, has once again attracted attention with its latest trailer.

The official Star Wars: Visions trailer shared:

When we look at the trailer, we see images that can attract the attention of even those who are not close to the Star Wars universe. In this context, the series some to the anime universe, and some to the Star Wars universe is not hard to imagine.

Apart from that, 7 episodes will be waiting for us in the series and that these sections -with their names- different anime studios we shared with you that he prepared. Apart from the said series, there are many other Star Wars series coming to Disney Plus.

Star Wars: Visions, on September 22 Disney Plus will meet its audience. In addition, Disney with English or Japanese voiceover says you will be able to watch. Let’s say that the voice cast of the series is also quite solid. Because here; Names such as David Harbor, Neil Patrick Harris and Lucy Liu appear.

What are your thoughts on Star Wars: Visions? You can share your thoughts/predictions about the trailer and the series in general in the comments section.

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