September will be a very busy month for Netflix. One of the series we will watch in September, when many popular series will meet with the audience. Into the Night

It will be . With a promotional trailer published in the past weeks, the date that the new season will meet with the audience was announced. Now, an exciting new trailer has been released showing what awaits us in the second season.

In the first season, during a plane trip, he falls into a chaotic doomsday scenario where the Sun kills everyone. the tension created by the characters’ communication in the series we watched, the second season seems to include a little more action scenes.

”They managed to reach the bunker just in time. But is this place as safe as they think?”

In the new season, our characters have reached the shelter where they experienced all kinds of events in order to catch up in the first season. However, the signals given show that this the bunker is not as safe as they thought and full of new characters to create new conflicts.

One of the highly anticipated details about the series is the news that Kıvanç Tadollarsıtuğ will appear as a guest actor in the new season. To see if Tadollarsıtuğ is in this Netflix Belgian series, September 8 we’ll have to wait. If you like some ‘crunchies’ action series and haven’t watched the first season of the series yet, we suggest you check it out. Have a good time already.

Into the Night season 2 trailer:

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