introduced by NVIDIA in September 2020 RTX 3000 series screen cardollaryel was very popular. Most graphics cards are bought for mining and are on the market. insufficient graphics card had happened.

Now, according to new information, the RTX 4000 series design completed. The technology to be used in these display cards is from the RTX 3000 series. much more performance

RTX 4000 series ready for production

Known for the accuracy of the information he gives about the screen cards. Greymon

Twitter user said that the designs of NVIDIA’s RTX 4000 series display cards are finished and they are ready for production said. Greymon also thinks that these display cards will most likely feature more advanced RTX technology.

according to Greymon Lovelace

display cards with codename yellow, TSMC’s 5 nm with technology will be generated. It is also said that NVIDIA can use N5P technology on top models. N5P technology, devices produced with 5nm more performance a technology that allows them to work with private and extra costdollars.

Screen cardsyellow may be available in 2022

According to Greymon’s estimations, this screen is yellow. From the last quarter of 2022will not log out first. this history per 2023

Stating that it can even sag , Greymon said that in both cases, NVIDIA officially told us ” era adolescents” states that he will present the screen cards.

Of course, NVIDIA will not stand idle in its rival AMD while making these breakthroughs. AMD’s towards the end of 2022 RDNA 3 technology is expected to release the display cardollar yellow produced with it.

In addition, Intel, which plans to enter the graphics card industry, is also on the same dates. high performance is expected to introduce the screen cardsyellow.

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