Japan-based technology giant Sony announced a new model of its new game console PlayStation 5 last year, Australia. Delivered to other countries with the code “CFI-1000″ but to Australia ” CFI-1102A“, the new models are available from the original PlayStation 5 with some minor changes they are leaving.

based in Australia Press Start

Discovered by a website named , the new PlayStation 5 model is from the original version of the console. 300 grams lighter. However, Sony did not explain what it owes this lightness to. The main difference that distinguishes the CFI-1102A from the CFI-1000 is the use of the new model. screws. So much so that gamers in Australia will not have to use a screwdriver to open their PlayStation 5s.

This is how the screws of the new PlayStation 5 look

*The screw on the left belongs to CFI-1102A.

Sony allows players who want to open the PlayStation 5 to use a screwdriver. required. More precisely, it was not possible to manually unscrew the screw seen on the right side of the photo above. However, the new model with the code CFI-1102A replaces the screws of the console with the version on the left. This is for players to unlock their PlayStation 5 that they won’t have to use a screwdriver reveals.

Looking at the information served by Press Start, there is no technical difference between the new model and the original model. no difference we see. In addition, there is no design difference between the models. Why Sony made such a decision for Australia while unknown, the issue of whether this model will be exclusive to Australia or will it be sent to other countries is for now. not clear.

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