A new one has been added to the fraud cases that have existed throughout the history of humanity, but in which incredible methods have been tried in recent years. a “praemoderor” Sour Dictionary

what happened to the author of event, the last method used by scammers faking a refugee.

When we look at what the user named praemoderor tells, we see millions of dollars of money sent from time to time, especially via e-mails, and promised to a deceased person, ” Nigerian Prince” that the fraud method has been updated and that this method is used over refugees. has been redesigned we see. If you wish, without further ado, let’s take a look at what happened to the author of Ekşi Sözlük.

It all started with a real estate ad.

The author of Ekşi Sözlük, lives in Burhaniye, New York. 1 million 250 thousand Dollars is putting it up for sale on a real estate site. A fraudster using the name H. V. sends a message to the author named praemoderor, saying that he is interested in the house. On top of that a email address, the fraudster wants to get detailed information about the house through this e-mail address.

Although we could not make sense of the event, we gave the necessary information via the e-mail he gave. But with the mail we realized that they are professional scammers.“, the author says that they were shocked by the incoming e-mail and that they directly identified this person as a fraud. H. v.

The person named showed himself with what he told.

The e-mail sent by the scammers is as follows

As you can see in the above e-mail content; The swindler named H. V. 5 million 200 thousand dollars var(!). He wants to smuggle this money out of Syria and reaches the author of Ekşi Sözlük. If the author agrees with him, he promises a 10 percent share. So 520 thousand dollars. According to the fraudster’s claim, this money to be smuggled from Syria was sent to America by a special courier, to be delivered to the author. When the author arrives in H. V. America, he will deliver the money delivered to his address to the “poor” war victim. Of course this story if you eat. . .

praemodoror states that he has done some research on the subject. According to the author, this scam method, a revamped version of the “Nigerian Prince” method. As in that method, after a while in this method, too. money will begin to be requested, in the end, neither the courier will come nor the owner of 520 thousand dollars. What will happen will only happen to the person who agrees to have the money delivered to him by deceiving these scammers.

“Thanks, we have our own cheat”

The author of Ekşi Sözlük is a part of the scammers’ refugee game. network. Because again a similar message, this time ” Z. m.. Thanks, we have our own scammer.“. Probably similar messages are being sent even now.

Stating that he experienced this event on August 19, 2021, that is, a few days ago, the author said that he was undecided at first, but then applied this method. can bleed states that he decided to share thinking that there might be someone. Özedollarse; If you are a real estate agent and have started receiving messages similar to the above, it is useful to be careful. . .

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