The biggest technological trend of 2019 has shown itself. Samsung and Huawei have introduced the Galaxy Fold and Mate X with foldable telephones at a very high price. Apple ‘s collapsible phone on the way to falling out of innovation is also on the way. So what do we know about this device?

Apple started poorly in 2019, following the previous year’s poor sales figures. With the news coming after him, it was certain that the company would go to innovation even in the pricing policies. Fast Company’s 17th rank in the list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies based on sectoral research.

On top of all this, while Apple is now talking about innovation, Samsung folded the phone with the Galaxy Fold. The Galaxy Fold, which has a two-part cut-out screen with a tablet when opened, can be used as a telephone with a second and vertical display when it is closed. Huawei made a severe retaliation against Samsung’s screen approach.

Introduced at MWC 2019, Huawei Mate X had a 7-inch thinner body than the Galaxy Fold. In other words, the phone was more physically conceivable. In addition, Huawei did not prefer to split the phone and tablet screen.

With a single screen, Mate X has a flexible display panel. Another important step for Huawei was the price. The Galaxy Fold was $ 1980 and Mate X had the $ 2600 label.

We know that folding screens are very different from ordinary screens. Although OLED panels have stretching properties, glass guards are not stretching. Therefore, a very different material is used on the screens, a plastic touch panel meets us.

Note: When Mate X is in the closed position, the tablet screen is outside, while the Galaxy Fold is in the closed position. The Galaxy Fold’s tablet screen is sharply divided into two, while the Huawei‘s screen remains solid during the folding process.

Apple has made. Premium ı choices about design and material use. It may seem that the foldable devices do not look hot when they think so, but they have to give an answer to their rivals. Because nowadays there is something that is obvious: Apple cannot determine all the innovations and trends in the market alone. In fact, Apple’s name is not even mentioned in this competition.

What will Apple’s folding phone look like?

This time, the phone will produce a little need for Apple’s foldable phone, according to the latest information, Apple will not prefer the monolithic external display. This shows that the device will look like the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

According to The Verge, the foldable iPhone screen patents, which were launched for the first time in 2014, brought many expectations until 2016. Then the market shift to the trend of a larger screen phone OLED and AMOLED panels have entered the process of expansion.

Now we’re in the period of those panels. Therefore, it is likely that Apple has accelerated the plans.

Apple is expected to divide the phone and tablet screen in terms of design, so that the tablet screen remains in the closed position. This choice fits directly into the firm’s design approach. Because the glass can not be used in monolithic foldable screens such as Mate X with a flexible panel.

Since Apple’s iPhone X, he likes to use glassware both on the screen and on the back. As a result, the foldable iPhone can be a dual-screen device with a vertical sliding hinge.

Who will produce foldable iPhones?

The Taiwanese company Foxconn owns factories where Apple has manufactured iPhone devices, or assembled from different companies. Foxconn, with factories in many countries, can also work for the folding model, just like the previous iPhone models.

iPhone screens come from manufacturers like LG and Samsung. As the folding iPhone is similar to the Galaxy Fold in terms of screen design, it is likely that Apple and Samsung will become partners. (Samsung has manufactured the iPhone X display panels to the Foxconn factory.)

Outside of the screen, Apple works with different companies for different hardware, such as sensors, cameras, processors and chipsets, memory units. Because it’s the way Apple does business. It doesn’t produce from scratch, it brings it together. It is impossible to expect this to change with the foldable iPhone.

When will the foldable iPhone be introduced?

The traditional launch of Apple’s iPhone series is held every year on September 12th. This year plans to make a change is unknown for now, but we expect to see Apple’s new iPhone models in September 2019. There is no significant leakage of these devices.

It is said that the company can be seen in the same launch as the foldable phone, and it is likely that this device will remain in September 2020.

Another possibility is that Apple will deliver this task to the iPad, the tablet series, instead of introducing a foldable iPhone. If the preferences are in this direction, we can see the foldable Apple device in the spring of 2019 or 2020. The iPad is a claim that we cannot rely on information leaking from the company.

How much is the price of the Foldable iPhone?

Under normal conditions, Apple has more affordable price tags than its competitors’ foldable phone prices in the middle. As part of the price policies that make an important contribution to Apple’s brand positioning, we can say that it will present a folded iPhone model with a higher tag.

Here Apple will need a reason to strengthen his hand. Now that the 2000 dollar threshold has been exceeded, Apple needs to know that he cannot sell a device to anyone in the $ 3,000 bar.

Foldable iPhone can change Apple’s understanding of competition. For the moment it is impossible to say a clear figure, but we can say that it will have a label over $ 2000.

About the Foldable iPhone model, it will reach clearer information in the coming months. Stay tuned to be aware of the details 🙂



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