Designed for the new era of smart watch experience, Galaxy Watch4 Series is the newest series of Galaxy smart watches with its advanced features. You can personalize your smart watch to reflect your own uniqueness with the Galaxy Watch4 Series, which offers a variety of straps, customizable watch faces, and many different features and applications to choose from. The innovations do not stop there. Galaxy Watch4 users can also access many brand new features by taking personalization to a new level with the software update available from October 20th. Here are some of the latest features of the Galaxy Watch4 Series.

Exactly the watch face you want

With the latest update offering more watch faces and options to choose from, you can now create the perfect watch face that fits your personality and lifestyle. With four new watch face options, you can instantly learn the information you want to see most often with a single glance on your wrist. If you just want to reach your fitness goals or just view your health stats, you can now customize the new Info Brick watch face by adding the stats you want to see most often, from heart rate and stress to daily activity status. Instead, you can opt for a watch face with detailed weather forecasts, a simple dashboard or live wallpapers inspired by the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip3, all of which you can also customize.

Complications is a great way to quickly access important information at a glance and launch frequently used applications. You can create four different complication options to display the battery life indicator, reminders, messages, pedometer and much more, for example, on the Animals watch face. When you choose the My Photo+ watch face, you can also choose an animated GIF instead of a still photo to create a more exciting and lively watch face that fully reflects your personality.

The new update also makes the Steps Challenge watch face more fun with animations so you can track your progress in your daily step goal. In this way, you will be more motivated. The animated character, a teddy bear, will follow you every step of the way to your goal, yawning before you start, or cheering when you reach the goal.

More motion control, more convenience

The gesture control feature allows you to do more with simple hand gestures. You can move your arm up and down twice to answer calls, and turn your wrist sideways to reject an incoming call or turn off the alarm. With the update, it is now possible to activate a specific app or feature with a new gesture. By making a simple “lift-and-download” movement with your wrist, you can turn on a predetermined application, exercise list, a light, and set a new reminder. You can access your favorite or most frequently used application or feature without lifting a finger or pressing any key.

You and your loved ones are safe with the Advanced Fall Detection feature

The Fall Detection feature, which was first used in Galaxy smart saadollarser in 2020, can detect this fall if the user falls to the ground during exercise. You can now adjust the sensitivity of this feature on the Galaxy Watch4 so that it can detect drops in still moments. In addition, Galaxy Watch4 allows you to protect yourself and your loved ones by sending emergency notifications to up to four people you specify.

You can also enjoy a free 60-day Strava subscription for Galaxy Watch users. With the Strava application, it is possible to make the most of your Galaxy Watch smartwatch. With features such as advanced training analysis, training plans, safety features, you can be more motivated by training smarter. For more information about the Galaxy Watch4 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic smart saadollarser, you can visit the following addresses:

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