NVIDIA and AMD’s competition in the graphics market has been going on for years. Intel has been producing low-power integrated graphics for years, but with the Arc Alchemist series, it will enter the GPU market as a new player by 2022. Now, a Chinese company called Xindong Technology has announced the Fenghua GPU aimed at gaming PCs and data centers.

Xindong may not be a name everyone knows, but he does seem like a very ambitious GPU developer looking to compete against much bigger players outside of China. The company’s first Fenghua No. Recently successfully tested 1 graphics processing unit.

Fenghua No. The graphics card named 1 supports all modern and legacy application interfaces for graphics and computation, including DirectX, Vulkan, OpenGL, OpenCL and even OpenGL ES. However, let’s add that a GDDR6X-based memory system is used on the video card. In addition, the card can work with Android, Linux and Windows operating systems. The chip uses a PCIe Gen4 interface to connect to the host and can output graphics using DisplayPort, eDP 1.4 and HDMI 2.1 interfaces, just like today’s best graphics cards.

Xindong has not yet revealed the performance levels that can be expected from the GPU. However, the Chinese company has announced that it plans to use its GPU for desktop series, cloud gaming, cloud mobile gaming, Xinchuang desktop and workstations. We currently have no idea whether Xindong’s Fenghua GPU will be a viable competitor to AMD’s Radeon and NVIDIA’s GeForce cardollaryellow. Still, we can say that at least a new competitor has arrived for these two graphic giants.

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