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Burcu Biricik’s, who became one of the most popular American TV series on Netflix, attracted serious attention in a short time. Uğur Yücel, Mehmet Yılmaz Ak, Hazal Türesan, Olgun Toker

The production, which includes names such as , really causes us to internalize many events in America. It contains drama, detective and action elements that psychologically arouse many emotions in people. Fatma will open a dimension to a completely different world.

Explaining how an ordinary person can turn into a serial killer and what a mother can experience, Fatma includes many elements from today’s life; “ to understand the people we pass by every day ” causing it. Have you thought what happens to many traumatized people? Continuation of our article “ spoiler ”so you may not want to read it.

Facts that brand us:

Apart from the sexual abuse that Fatma experienced in her childhood, we also watch the story about her child. Autistic A mother with a child wants her child to live, even if a tick happens, someone wants to be with her if she is mudollar. However, “when his son is declared criminal when his son dies,” it really turns our hearts to a head.

This is actually the situation of most mothers who have disabled children today. Mothers with disabled children are always on the edge and on the alert, in case their children disturb others. Sometimes it is essential that we look at people with empathy and understand them. The request of Fatma’s son to be sent from school, his life at the police station and even his death give us many ideas. We see the expectation of a mother who loves her son very much from her husband in the sentence “His father did not hug him because he said he was my son once”. In fact, unfortunately, this is the reality of America and the world. How painful it is not to be able to exclude children in need of special education, isolate them from life and fit them into a world? I wish we could be a little tolerant.

The side characters in the series are actually real, they are all among us. Even on TVs:

I think this was the episode where we were most shocked in the series. We see what happens after the character named Yılmaz disappears after getting out of jail. While Fatma becomes “John Wick” for the sake of finding her husband, we feel her disappointment when she finds out the truth.

Recently, morning programs etc. If you watch, you can often see such reckless people. Your wife is being harassed by the neighbor in the morning and evening, you have a disabled son. Instead of going home, after your son dies, you take blood money and crush this money in the nightclub… Unfortunately, there are many such men everywhere.

The issue of class segregation:

Fatma commits many murders from the beginning to the end of the series, but nobody is murdered. Fatma

Do not think can work even most of the time Fatma

He doesn’t even take seriously. Even though we think that the police always come for Fatma after the first murder, they do not. Fatma, who goes to the police station for her husband, is not taken seriously. Leave this aside, everyone ignores the “cleaning woman” but Fatma punishing anyone who pushes and shoves. Imagine how a person who committed murder by mistake, with enough traumas, could become a serial killer?

Unfortunately, this is one of the realities of the period we live in. If you are not in a certain group, you become a person who is ignored, pushed, and not considered serious. Even your own brother can treat you poorly. You have no basis in life. Life depends women on their wives. Maybe the system provides this.

Fatma’s transformation into an anti-hero:

Those who watch Fatma’s first murder will remember it. Sevket’s “ n will pay me your debt, sell you if necessary, pay ”. In many television shows, we see this type of people normalize. Especially To the starting point of increasing violence against women in America

It must be said that has been very well addressed.

Throughout the series, whenever Fatma is subjected to violence, pushed or harassed, it ends up being murdered. Şevket and Ekber lived in childhood in the series of murder sexual harassment the effect is of course great. We’re not used to seeing female serial killers on TV screens, but as you know, they’re usually serial killers. childhood traumas ”. In this part of the series, we actually internalize many messages. Maybe empathy should be a necessity rather than a grace.

Fatma may be Netflix’s best American production recently;


If we take a look at the domestic TV series as follows; It is Different and Fatma can now be the best Native Netflix Series by going over 50m2. As you know, Atiye and Hakan Guard were the most criticized Netflix productions. To Black Mirror with its similar style, Someone Else had become quite an interesting series. It was a very successful production in the field of action and absurd comedy in 50 m2.

Fatma, recently increasing in America The series of femicides, sexual harassment, violence and class segregation comes across as a really cesaredollar-like production because of its processing. We do not constantly read such situations in the news, react on Twitter, and then tell these people what happened. Although it is nice recently, especially The Red Room, The Girl in the Glass etc. We are really interested in the productions as the American people. Fatma is a really successful production in terms of the script, the way events work, connection and many aspects. We don’t think he has anything to say to the acting, either.

We hope that the Fatma series somehow really penetrates our hearts and no other Fatma’s will be anymore. You can share your thoughts on Fatma with us in the comments.

Footnote: Those who say that if Behzat was Amirim, they would have caught Fatma after the first murder?

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