International Space Station in low Earth orbit , about both our world and the universe we live in allows us to become more and more informed every day. The astronodollarsars working inside the station also contribute to the scientific world by agreeing to stay away from the world for long periods.

The work of the astronodollars isn’t just inside the station, of course. When scientists have something to do outside of the ISS step into outer space wearing clothes is throwing. The day when the astronodollars currently on the ISS should step into space was August 24, that is today, but NASA decided to postpone this walk due to the health problems of one of the astronodollars that will make the spacewalk.

NASA; “The job can wait”

Vande Hei

The astronaut currently on board the ISS is Vande Hei, a retired army colonel. Hei’s mission with Japanese astronaut Akihiko Hoshide kiss out of the station and the required brakedollar series t was flowing.

With as little as 24 hours left on the mission, NASA Because of Hei’s health problems stated that the spacewalk was postponed. Expressing that the work outside the station can wait, the space agency says that there is no serious problem in Hei’s health problem. what caused the problem hesitated to explain.

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