Epic Games’ early access coverage a while ago made available new game engine Unreal Engine 5 is slowly starting to show up in the video game world. Unreal Engine 5, which is preferred in a serious part of the new games announced, is now Nano Racing

It appeared once again with a game called . As the name suggests, the production, which will appear as a racing game, will reveal how the video game world will be transformed. your smoothness reveals what you’re waiting for.

NanoRacing is not a very advanced racing game. In this game, players drive cars with small but impressive graphics in different environments. opportunity to race they will have caught. In addition, not only vehicles, but also other elements in the game will have high-end graphics. The game he is developing is a promotion video, Really Good Games has revealed that the rules in the game world will be rewritten.

Introductory video for Nano Racing developed with Unreal Engine 5

More about Nano Racing we have no information. There is no platform where the game is currently listed. Also, the price and release date are unknown. However, the developer who shared on Reddit, Nano Racing Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5 and PC.

Nano Racing is not the first game developed with Unreal Engine 5, nor is it the last. won’t. This game engine attracts both developers and gamers with its high quality, especially graphically. will enchant. If you want to see what the graphics quality of Unreal Engine 5 has to offer, you here we invite you to our content.

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