Netflix, the world’s most popular online series and movie platform, is preparing for a big farewell. The platform is one of the most talked about productions to date. La Casa de Papel

The first episode of the 5th season of , the final season, at the beginning of september will be published. While the fans of the series are looking forward to the final season, the director and producer of the phenomenal series Jesus Colmenar, La Casa de Papel about its fourth season made a remarkable statement.

The fourth season of La Casa de Papel, the most ” Nairobi” impressed the fans of the character. Because although this character impressed everyone with his story and peculiar attitude, he dramatically changed in the fourth season. was killed. Here Jesus Colmenar made a statement about this death.

“Nairobi’s death was necessary for the future of the show”

Jesus Colmenar made the following statements regarding Nairobi’s death; ” Death of Nairobi required for the array. Because the showdown in the fifth season of the series does not match Nairobi’s personality. not applicable.

The producer of the phenomenon series, killed in the series related to other characters also spoke. Stating that he believes it is necessary to keep the excitement high in a production, Colmenar said, ” added momentum I think. We’re killing our characters and I think that adds tension and it’s good not to know what’s going to happen.” he said.

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