Crypto strategist and trader using the pseudonym Inmortal says that smart contract platform Solana (SOL) has seen an altcoin that could follow the paddling price action. For details of the news Cryptocoin. com continue reading e.

Inmortal: This emerging altcoin will follow Solana’s padollar price action

The crypto strategist and trader, who goes by the alias Inmortal, told his 66,600 Twitter followers that he is looking at Cosmos (ATOM), a project that aims to help developers build different blockchains that can exchange data and create a decentralized blockchain internet. For more information about Cosmos, see What is Cosmos Network (ATOM)? Check out the news.

According to crypto analyst

, Cosmos (ATOM) will be the next Solana (SOL), a crypto asset that has risen by about 350% meteorically in the last 30 days, judging by the CoinGecko data. The mysterious analyst shared the following on Twitter:

FOMO (fear of missing out) will start soon. Cosmos (ATOM).

Source: Inmortal / Twitter

What is required for a parabolic increase in Cosmos (ATOM)?

The crypto strategist also says he is looking at the ATOM/BTC pair for analysis. According to Inmortal, ATOM/BTC needs to turn the 0.00055 ($25) resistance to support to initiate a parabolic rise. Strategist’s post is as follows:

One of the biggest accumulation ranges in ALT/BTC pair (+800 days). When Cosmos (ATOM) finally flips this KEY level, I think we’re going to see some fireworks.

Source: Inmortal / Tragview

“I will buy Ethereum any drop below $3,400”

If the ATOM/BTC pair follows crypto strategist Inmortal’s scenario, the pair could rise as high as 0.002 BTC ($91.14). This represents a potential increase of over 230% from its current price of 0.0006 BTC or $27.34. Inmortal also says that it is closely watching the price action of the leading altcoin Ethereum (ETH). The crypto strategist believes Ethereum (ETH) drop below $3,400 is an opportunity to buy the dip:

I see an opportunity here. Stop the hunt + powerful jump at KEY level. I will buy on any dip below $3,400, aiming for $3,800 (Collapse Point) for now.

Source: Inmortal / Twitter

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