A prominent crypto analyst and trader predicts Chainlink (LINK) is ready for a rally as he predicts all-time highs (ATH) for two padoller altcoin projects. The trader, known in the cryptocurrency industry by the nickname Inmortal, tells his 72,600 followers on Twitter that he closely follows the utility of crypto exchange FTX, the FTX Token (FTT). The latest altcoin and Bitcoin shares of mysterious crypto analyst and trader Inmortal Cryptocoin. com we have compiled it for its readers.

Inmortal, altcoin project FTT sending for $100

According to crypto analyst Inmortal, the FTX Token (FTT) is giving multiple bullish signals that could ignite an 85% rally from its current value of $54:

Divergence + Triumph + Taurus divergence. Send FTT for $100.

Source: Inmortal / Twitter

“Cosmos (ATOM) is ready to hit an all-time high”

Another cryptocurrency on the crypto trader’s list is the altcoin project Cosmos (ATOM), which is touted as the “internet of blockchains”. Inmortal says ATOM is ready to hit an all-time high, following in the footsteps of the padoller altcoin Avalanche (AVAX):

Since the crash, it has been one of the best performers among other altcoins such as Cosmos (ATOM), Avalanche (AVAX) or Solana (SOL). It has jumped 46% so far. I expect Cosmos (ATOM) to follow up with AVAX and make a new ATH soon.

Source: Inmortal / Tragview

Mysterious analyst: This altcoin is at $ 40 as soon as possible

As for the decentralized oracle network Chainlink (LINK), crypto analyst Inmortal believes it is poised to launch a 66% rise after reclaiming significant support at $24.

It’s an easy trade. Send Chainlink (LINK) for $40 as soon as possible.

Source: Inmortal / Twitter

Crypto trader believes Bitcoin will go to $100

Looking at the leading crypto Bitcoin (BTC), crypto trader Inmortal predicts that the crypto is poised for a steep rise that will wipe out last week’s losses:

I do not understand. But do a short V-turn if you want. Bitcoin (BTC) is still going to $100,000.

Source: Inmortal / Twitter

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