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On this week’s topic of our series of mysterious events, in 1996 brutally murdered, 6-year-old beauty queen There is the murder of JonBenet Ramsey. Leave aside all the mysterious events you have read so far, the unsolved murders, because this time to all of the suspects, through the eyes of killers you will see.

JonBenet is in the basement of his house, with cables wrapped around his neck and duct tape stuck to his mouth. The girl, apparently beaten with a truncheon due to the fractures in her skull, was strangled with a cable and killed. If you wish, the murder that could not be solved for 24 years, there are disgusting suspects from each other Let’s take a closer look at this case.

Mother Patsy Ramsey finds a ransom letter inside the house

It’s December 26, 1996. Patsy Ramsey, on the staircase of the house of 3 cadets a letter written for ransom finds. She is horrified after reading the letter, and realizes that her daughter JonBenet Ramsey is not at home, she immediately calls the police. The missing posting resolves in less than 8 hours and JonBenet says Dead in the Ramsey family basement.

The body of the 6-year-old girl is found face down by her father, John Ramsey. The little girl’s mouth was covered with duct tape and cables were tied around her neck. JonBenet selected as beauty queen shortly before he was killed, although still young was a girl who attracted attention with her beauty.

A male DNA is referenced in the sequence of JonBenet’s clothes

The body of the little girl is sent to the forensic stopper and as a result of the autopsy, JonBenet’s beaten with a stick and drowned appears. Doctors seeking evidence, girl under pajamas and underwear belongs to a single male Rasdollar DNA residues. You can breathe a sigh of relief. These DNA remains have nothing to do with rape. Little girl in the autopsy report not being sexually abused writes.

The DNA remains in question continue to be investigated in the FBI’s database until 2004, and with exactly 1.5 million samples

Although is compared, no results are obtained. Also in the parquets leading to the basement to foreign footprints and next to JonBenet’s room is a rope not belonging to the Ramsey family.

Interestingly, the FBI couldn’t imagine examining the rope that was found in the house until 2006. If they were murdered, it is not known because they did not think they had a relevant connection or because the rope was never used, but the FBI did not behaving insensitive under consideration.

Since the season is winter, the police take a tour around the Ramseys’ house hoping to find footprints in the snow, but cannot find any traces. Although JonBenet Ramsey is thought to have been killed by a stranger, there is no force on the door or windows appears.

The ransom letter full of scary details;

Come this far still what he wrote in the ransom letter I know I’m not saying. Let’s take a closer look at the details of this letter, which is extremely frightening for parents with a small child.

Mr, Ramsey,
Dikkadollarsice. We are representatives of a relatively small group. We respect your work, but never the country you serve. Here, two gentlemen who do not like you very much keep an eye on your daughter. My advice to you would be not to provoke them. If you attempt to tell the police or the FBI about your situation, you can be sure that we will take your daughter’s head. You may try to deceive us, but we must warn you from the beginning that we now know the tactics of the cops by heart. If you attempt such a thing, 99% of the time you will have killed your daughter of your own free will.

We guarantee 100% that if you follow our instructions, you will be able to get your daughter back safely. We want a total of 118 thousand dollars from the bank account. 100 thousand dollars have to be 100 dollars and the remaining money has to consist of 20 banknodolsar. Put the money in a bag and bring it to the address we will give. You will go through device control at the door. If it turns out that there is any electronic device on her, the girl will die.

To Victory,

S. B. T. C

As you can see, there are different details in the letter that ends with S. B. T. C and it is never known to whom it is. The most striking of these details is the amount of money demanded by the kidnappers. $ 118,000 is a sum of highly specific numbers. The FBI is doing some research, and JonBenet’s father, John, In 1996, he received a bonus close to 118 thousand dollars from the company he worked for. is learning. So as you can understand, whoever wrote the letter knows the details about the Ramsey family very well.

Another point that attracts the FBI’s attention in the letter is that the killer (or the kidnappers) is constantly talking in numbers. “ We have a 99% chance of killing your daughter, if you do what we say, your chance of getting your daughter back is 100% “, these people’s people interested in mathematics.

After the letter, arrows are pointed to the Ramsey family

If JonBenet’s story wasn’t enough to give you a chill so get ready, because much more is coming. Police officers who scrutinize the ransom letter, that the paper and pen belong to the Ramseys’ house detects. So whoever wrote this letter, the other members of the family frightened the little girl while hanging out in their own way, comfortably writing the letter full of threatening.

It is a fact that everything so far seems absurd. Wanting to extract money from the family, a group of people first enter the Ramseys’ house. After quietly keeping their daughter from the room, they go down to the basement and bind JonBenet. With the pen and paper inside the house to write a ransom letter and suddenly kill the girl they decide. If the killer is really men who want ransom, why would they kill the little girl before they get anything?

First suspects: JonBenet’s family

Many people, including myself, were the first to suspect such a murder, JonBenet’s family. After all, the girl’s body was found in the basement of the house, the letter written was made of paper and pen and there was no force on the door or the windows.

Shortly after the murder has been committed, the Ramsey family is under scrutiny. Based on the letter, the handwriting of John Ramsey, Patsy Ramsey and JonBenet’s older brother Burke Ramsey is analyzed. The handwriting on the letter, does not match any member of the family.

While the family is being examined in detail, the house’s phone calls are repeated. A surprising lie emerges when Patsy calls 911 enrollments to say that her daughter is missing. When the police asked where his other child Burky was during the conversation, Patsy said, sleeping sings. When the recording is repeated The voices of speaking to Burky’s father is heard.

Among the theories put forward is the possibility that Patsy or Burky accidentally killed JonBenet. However, when the autopsy report was examined, JonBenet’s was still alive when choked with cables, which eliminates the possibility of accidental killing.

The jury at the court in 1999, the Ramsey family for violence and murder against children is on trial, but Alex Hunter, the head of the jury, does not sign these complaint files due to insufficient evidence. Also, DNA remains from another man found in the little girl’s corpse, to the exoneration of the family is enough.

Second suspect; Bill McReynolds, the town’s Santa Claus

Bill McReynolds, whose daughter was kidnapped in 1974, has an extremely creepy past and 2 days before the murder He is considered one of the prime suspects for visiting the Ramsey family. Never the same again after his daughter was kidnapped, Bill would occasionally wander around the town in a Santa Claus costume and spend time with young children. 6-year-old beauty queen JonBenet was among these children.

Bill’s wife was also a writer in her own right, and in a children’s book she wrote, of a little girl who was attacked, beaten to death in the basement of her home was telling his story.

Bill’s testimony in the investigation was really the kind to make anyone sick.; “His death was really heavy for me. JonBenet made a big change in my life. “ In addition, Bill stated that when he was wearing a Santa Claus costume, JonBenet gave him a sim box, and that he bequeathed his wife to mix his ashes with these sims if he died one day.

Could Bill have killed JonBenet? Maybe. After death asking the ashes to be mixed with the sims the little girl gave beyond nausea? Exactly. Although the statements made by Bill are sensational, the accusations on the old man are dropped because there is not enough evidence.

Third suspect; Gary Oliva, neighbor of the Ramseys

Gary Oliva, the man much more disgusting than Bill McReynolds, at the time of JonBenet’s murder In a house close to the Ramsey family was sitting. Let me explain in the least disturbing way possible why this disgusting man was added to the list of suspects much later than the murder.

Gary Oliva goes to jail for child pornography in 2004 and as soon as he was caught photo of JonBenet inside his bag turns out. When the police ask what this photo is doing to you, they give the following answer; “I think JonBenet was an extremely extraordinary boy and his death was just as extraordinary as him. Since I want to keep his memory alive with me, I carry his photo with me. “

Shortly after this incident, Michael Vail made striking statements, claiming that Gary Oliva was his high school friend; “Gary called me the day after Jon Benet’s murder. Continuous I hurt a little girl, I hurt a little girl

He was rambling . When I ask where did it hurt, quickly Boulder and hung up. “

Colorado Boulder was where JonBenet Ramsey and his family lived. Police, Oliva’s considering the possibility of hurting another girl is investigating whether another girl has been hurt in the Boulder area, but they are registered, nothing comes out. When Oliva’s past is investigated, the man trying to strangle his mother with a phone cord appears, just like what happened in JonBenet’s murder.

Gary is currently in jail for child pornography and is considered the prime suspect in the JonBenet murder. After the DNA samples did not match and Gary did not admit his guilt, the authorities told Gary. unfortunately can’t blame if they’re murdered.

The last and scariest suspect; John mark karr

John Mark Karr, the primary school teacher, was not on the list of suspects until 2006, when he told journalist professor Michael Trasey. an email full of confessions. For years, Michael had to treat him like a friend and tell him his secrets in order to gain John’s trust. When he completely resolved the incident, Michael’s explanation was really was spooky.

“You are about to hear how dark a soul a person can have. Gaining the trust of the other party, taking the other side without judgment in order to keep your speech moving was the most terrible experience I have ever had. It was truly terrifying. “

In the emails he sent to Michael, John spoke in the same style used in the ransom letter. In one of his messages he even sent Patsy with his nickname, Neddie, and the Ramsey family was convinced that Karr knew this detail. almost impossible. Let’s take a deeper look at one of John’s scariest e-mails.

“When I took the little girl out of her bed she was sleeping. I took him to the basement and when he opened his eyes, the first thing he asked was “where am I?” I told him he was in the basement of his house. The reason we went down to the basement was not to be disrespectful to him. I would never disrespect him, trampling his pride. We only got there temporarily. The thing that hurt me was that he always stayed. So after death. He had to wait in a small room until his father found it. “

Following the release of these e-mails, on August 16, 2006, the UK intelligence, the FBI, Thai officials and the US Homeland Security stepped in. email address detected. The place where the signal came from was Bangkok, Thailand. As a result of the researches, it was learned that John fled from California to Thailand to avoid child pornography accusations.

John’s DNA was compared to the sample found on JonBenet, and unfortunately nothing came out of it. John continued to be investigated for child pornography during his incarceration, and on the day of the murder, the man In a state far from Boulder.

Mark Beckner, the first police officer who came to the scene and saw everything in its proper place, who was in charge of the investigation, uses the following statements; “Shortly after the emails came out, we were sure that John was not the killer. The evidence we found in the house does not match what John told. John was not in Boulder even at the time of the murder. “

Are you ready to be an inverted corner?

Doctor Henry Lee, one of America’s most successful criminologists, is re-examining the murder of JonBenet in a program he joined on the CBS channel. Focusing on the DNA samples found on the little girl, Lee wore her underwear. during production DNA sample may have been infected, this DNA in Japan to anyone employed in the underwear production factory suggests that it may belong.

If the DNA sample is indeed infected during the production phase and if they were murdered, any of the suspects who were questioned until today but released because the DNAs did not match, even Ramsey’s family 6-year-old beauty queen JonBenet could be the murderer of Ramsey.

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