Mozilla Firefox has been one of the best web browsers preferred by users for nearly twenty years. The mobile versions of the browser also include most of the features found in the desktop browser. The new version released today will also please Firefox users on iOS and Android. Because Firefox 94 is available on desktop and mobile platforms today, and although there are new APIs available for web developers to use, it is possible to say that the most exciting changes this time are in the iOS and Android versions.

Before the new update was released, the homepage in Firefox’s mobile browsers only contained links to frequently visited websites and a space for “Collections” where tabs could be saved for later editing. With the new version, Mozilla rearranged the home page of Firefox 94, with new sections for recent tabs and recent bookmarks, in addition to frequently visited sites. If users don’t like the edits or don’t want to use them, there are separate options for each section in the Firefox application settings.

Mozilla announced, “The new Firefox homepage is a re-entry point for accessing previously opened tabs with articles you haven’t finished yet, sites you’ve bookmarked, and search histories organized by topic, so you can find them all in one central spot. ” says. The company also said, “Today’s mobile version is just the beginning as we plan to roll out more features based on this experience. He also states that he will continue to innovate.

Firefox 94 has a new feature for tab management as well as the updated homepage design on mobile devices. Tabs not viewed within 14 days are now moved to an inactive section. Thus, open tabs are not complicated. Firefox already had the option to automatically close tabs in a week or a month. However, with the new arrangement, the tabs that users want to keep open or use will continue to be open all the time.

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Michael Lewis


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