The impact of the coronavirus epidemic to vaccinations despite

In these days when started to increase, the statements made by experts on the subject are of critical importance. In this context, most experts not vaccinated, or when he said that people whose vaccination process has not been completed are especially vulnerable to the delta variant, these statements are now a member of the Health Coronavirus Scientific Committee. Assoc. Dr. Afsin Emre Kaymazmaz

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Making statements about the course of the epidemic, Assoc. Dr. Afşin Emre Lostmaz said that the delta variant is indeed dangerous because its contagious rate is higher than that of other variants. is twice as much explained. Describing this situation as worrisome, the scientist once again explained what needs to be done against the delta variant. reminded. Assoc. Dr. Afşin Emre Lostmaz’s statements on the subject are as follows:

“The most vulnerable to the delta variant, those who are not vaccinated or have not completed the process”

“The most vulnerable people against the delta variant individuals who have not been vaccinated is reported. Vaccines effectively protect us against the coronavirus. The risk of hospitalization, severe illness, and death from the virus for those who have been vaccinated, compared to those who have not been vaccinated. significantly low.

Our most important protection against the Delta variant, which has been shown to be more contagious, is with the vaccine. is our individual measures. Appropriate mask use is also important to reduce transmission of the delta variant. When you are together with people outside the household in closed areas mask use, is significantly protective. The use of mudollarska masks should be continued in closed areas such as public transportation vehicles, shopping malls, supermarkets.

Studies done between people as the physical distance increases shows that the risk of transmission of the Delta variant is also reduced. The longer the time spent in close proximity with an infected person, the greater the risk of transmission. Avoiding contact with surfaces as much as possible, not bringing hands to face, washing hands frequently with soap and water, alcohol-based hand sanitizer

using is very important. Even though we sometimes forget to apply, the simple precautions we count and to complete our vaccinations will also protect us from Delta variant danger. “

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