One of the greatest pleasures that the COVID-19 pandemic has taken from us is the movie on the spot; was watching it in the cinema. Moviegoers, and even those with little interest in it, can’t wait to see their first movies in a movie theater after the long ban. Rising from all over the country after most of the bans were lifted on July 1, “What about cinemas?” cries, It was also instrumental in the opening of cinemas on July 2.

It has been about 2 months since the pandemic bans on cinemas were lifted. Box Office America, on the other hand, shared the number of tickets cut and the most watched movies in all cinemas in America during this period. Most watched movie in America in the last 8 weeks, Fast & Furious 9 happened.

Most watched movies in America since theaters opened:

It has been 8 weeks since the cinemas opened on July 2. Although the number of people looking forward to this event was high, the number of tickets sold did not reach such large figures. Countrywide 2.8 million tickets were issued in about 2 months. Ticket prices are yellow or concerns about the pandemic can be cited as the reason. The top 5 movies accounted for 60% of the 2.8 million tickets. Let’s take a look at which of these movies are and how many were watched until August 26.

1) Fast and Furious 9

Fast and Furious 9, the movie that brought the Fast and Furious legend to an end, was released on April 1 in the world. The movie, in which cars with lights and missiles fly in the air, must have attracted the attention of the American audience to a large extent, that the movie will be released in 8 weeks. 917 thousand 274 tickets sold.

2) Black Widow

Black Widow, one of Marvel’s latest feature films, focuses on Agent Natasha’s life before she became an Avenger. 362 thousand 589 ticketssold. The movie was released with the reopening of cinemas in our country.

3) The Suicide Squad: Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad, made in 2016, attracted great attention from young kids, especially in America. The new version of the movie, The Suicide Squad: The Suicide Squad, which dyes young people’s hair, was released on July 28. The movie, which has been in theaters for 1 month, is in America. 171 thousand 831 tickets sold.

4) Horror Session 3: Killer Demon

The Horror Session, which once again attracted the attention of horror lovers with the phrase “inspired by a true story”, met with the audience on May 26 with its third film. Horror Session 3: Killer Devil, which was also screened in America with the opening of cinemas, in 2 months 134 thousand 242 ticketssold.

5) The Purge: Forever

The Purge: Forever, the fifth film in the Purge franchise, hits the big screen on June 30. The Purge: Forever, which is one of the first films to be released in America this year with the lifting of the bans, is in 2 months. 127 thousand 198 tickets became the fifth film on the list.

So, can we go to the cinema after the bans are lifted? Which movie or movies have you seen and liked? You can share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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