By Valve last week introducedThe portable gaming computer Steam Deck was met with great interest by the players. Many gamers, this ” portable computer“, while Valve claims that Steam Deck may be insufficient. that you can open any game had claimed.

According to Valve’s statement today, Steam Deck is available for most games. 30 FPS crossed the limit and played smoothly. Many users expect 30 FPS insufficient, one of the Valve employees made a statement about it.

30 FPS lower limit

A member of the team that worked at Valve and developed the software for Steam Deck. Pierre-Loup Griffais, both users and performance tests of the mentioned 30 FPS limit minimum playable limit it said. Griffais also states that these values ​​are exceeded in Steam Deck and that the device quite performance also stated that it works. Allegedly, users who own the Steam Deck can play almost all their games. at least will be able to play at 30 FPS.

In addition, Griffais has its own Steam Deck. FPS limiter

He also stated that it will be and users will be able to fix their games to the FPS they want. In this way performance and battery can also be controlled.

eBay chases black marketers

Recently, some users have sold their Steam Deck pre-order rights on eBay. we mentioned. eBay does not know what products these users are selling. is not legal decided and removed these products from sale.

After this announcement, many players put the tesdollar series on hold on the ready-to-sale version of Steam Deck.

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