• Slim design
  • Narrow-bezel 144p display
  • NVIDIA RTX 3060 capabilities
  • Top performance
  • Dual channel memory usage
  • Large storage space
  • Connection options
  • THX speakers

This laptop has been awaited by game lovers from Monster for a long time and is now finally on sale. NVIDIA RTX 30

This laptop, which has managed to be a very remarkable model among the models that includes the graphics card series, contains many features in its content. Without saying too much ado, immediately Monster Tulpar T7 V21. 5

Let’s get to know .

Monster Tulpar T7 V21. 5 How Is The Design?

Tulpar T7 V21. 5 has the body design of Monster that we know and know. The laptop, which provides a beautiful appearance with its black body and the Monster logo on the back, is only 20 mm thick and the weight is 2. 3 kilograms. Thus, this segment becomes a very thin and light option for notebooks. In this way, you can carry it in your backpack so that you are very comfortable. Monster, Tulpar T7 V21. It also presents one of their special backpacks to those who buy 5.

The laptop is built on a magnesium case. Thus, the laptop, which looks quite robust, aims at heat dissipation as well as durability with its aluminum and magnesium alloy chassis. When you look around the laptop, you see beautiful details. On the front RGB supported The keyboard consists of 4 zones RGB lighting in the laptop where the light strip is located. You can change the RGB lighting of both the keyboard and the front light strip via the Monster Control Center software, which we will talk about in more detail later.

The keyboard on the laptop does not have mechanical keys, but let’s say it has a very fast response time. Low profile keys, thus providing a comfortable typing experience as well as allowing you to react quickly in games. In addition, the presence of a numeric keypad in the keyboard area provides an advantage for use. Again, the touad area under the keyboard has been kept wide. Of course, you will not use this much while playing games, but we can say that you will be very comfortable in mobile situations.

Another point we liked in terms of design in the laptop was the large palm rest area. So whether you are playing games or doing your work, your wrists will be comfortable for long-term use.

Tulpar T7 V21. When we look around the 5 wide link support. There are 2 USB 3.1 Gen. connections between the connections placed on 3 sides of the laptop. 1 and 1 USB 3.1 Gen. While there are 2 ports, USB-C connection is also not forgotten. Image transfer HDMI 2.1 for wired internet connection, while card reader, headphone and microphone inputs are also available on the laptop. Gigabit Ethernet port is also included. On the wireless internet side, there is support for Wi-Fi 6. Intel Wi-Fi6 AX201

High connectivity support is provided with the chip. In addition, the 5.1 standard is based on Bluetooth, which is another wireless connection.

Monster Tulpar T7 V21. 5 Display Features

Tulpar T7 V21. It has a screen that provides a very large display of 5, 17.3 inches in size. 2560×1440 pixels

This screen, which can produce images in resolution, 165Hz refresh rate support. Thus, it becomes a model that gives gamers who want to go above Full HD resolution and achieve high refresh rate in games.

Another important aspect of the screen is that it contains very thin panel bezels. Thus, when you look at the screen, you are directly faced with the image, your eyes do not bother with the frames as in many models. While the screen size is quite large, it creates the necessary ground for you to fully adapt to the game and to enter the atmosphere of the game comfortably, while the frames are kept thin and this is more powerful. In addition, the panel used on the screen IPS

Let’s also say that it is . While the success of the IPS panel in color reproduction is already famous, the screen in this model is able to meet 100 percent of the sRGB color gamut. This is again among the most important factors that open the door to a beautiful visuality in games.

In the meantime, the screen frames have been kept thin, but it is pleasing that the webcam is not given up on the upper edge. We see that the internal webcam has been removed on some new models. Tulpar T7 V21. 5 has a web camera and you can get HD resolution images with this camera. This is not the only trick of the camera. also Windows Hello includes integration and thus allows you to use face recognition feature. In other words, you can log into Windows with face recognition on this laptop, so you can provide more practical access and more security than the classical password entry method.

Monster Tulpar T7 V21. What Does 5 Offer with RTX?

Yes, let’s move on to the highly curious technical staff part. Of course, first of all, we will talk about the video card. Because the most important piece of hardware for gaming performance is undoubtedly the video card.

Monster, as we said, Tulpar T7 V21. At 5 NVIDIA RTX 30

It includes the series graphics card and thus, besides high performance in games, it also gives the players the opportunity to get a satisfying visual.

On this laptop from RTX 30 series GeForce RTX 3060

The graphics card is available. If we take a quick look at the details of the GPU, 6 GB GDDR6

We see that it provides power from memories. Using the 192-bit memory bus, the RTX 3060 includes the 3840 NVIDIA CUDA cores.

As is known, RTX 30 series Ampere architecture and RTX 3060 is a card that contains all the advantages of the Ampere architecture. Now both to provide you with more detailed information and Tulpar T7 V21. In order to realize what you can do with 5, let’s talk about the innovations brought by the Ampere architecture.

First of all, of course RTX 3060, Ray Tracing is of course a card that includes support. Ray Tracing, in other words Ray Tracing, has become an important milestone technology in the last 20 years when we look at the game world.

Thus, we have seen that in addition to the more advanced graphics in the games, the environmental conditions are also renewed, contributing more to the atmosphere of the game and therefore the player can be drawn into the game more. While this technology is not only for action games, but also for adventure games with a rich visual theme; It ensures that the shadows, reflections and the effects scattered around in the game are more prominent, and the light is used in games as if it were in real life. This, of course, opens the door to enjoyable play times.

On RTX 3060 2. generation ray tracing cores

When using , tensor cores also appear as the 3rd generation. We make use of tensor cores in DLSS, another NVIDIA technology. Well, What is DLSS?

In fact, we have explained this many times in our different videos. However, it is useful to go over it once again. DLSS, Deep Learning Super Sampling, that is, using Deep Learning techniques to produce an image that looks like a higher resolution image of the original low-resolution image, and NVIDIA emerges as a technology developed by. Well what does it mean?

DLSS, an artificial intelligence algorithm developed by NVIDIA, calculates the game at a lower resolution using the tensor cores we just mentioned, but upgrades it to the screen resolution you are using. E.g, Tulpar T7 V21. 5

To give an example from , we said that the screen of this laptop produces an image at a resolution of 2560×1440 pixels. So even if you choose this resolution in any game, DLSS technology

Thanks to , in order to get more performance but also to maximize the image quality, it is calculated as if the game is running at 1080p resolution, and the missing pixels in between are calculated with the artificial intelligence algorithm with DLSS and displayed at 1440p. In this way sometimes FPS as the value 2-fold performance increase is possible. Honestly, the reflection of this on the games is really a great development.

By the way, turning on DLSS does not only provide FPS gain, don’t be misunderstood. It also creates a significant increase in image quality. You can see this especially when you look at the details in the games.

On the other hand, NVIDIA offers this to users as an option. We will take a closer look at Death Strang

We will see this closely in the game . You can choose DLSS as either performance or quality.

Monster Tulpar T7 V21. You can play games with high performance with 5 as well as you can use it to broadcast games, of course, it offers important options at this point. NVIDIA’s support is also available in this. With RTX 3060 graphics card in this laptop NVIDIA Broadcast

Let’s say you can take advantage of support.

With NVIDIA Broadcast, you can increase the sound performance of the microphone you broadcast, prevent environmental noises from going on the broadcast, as well as gain an important advantage for your camera. NVIDIA Broadcast

With in game streams, you no longer need to use the green screen to include you in the corner of the game. By adjusting through this application, you can blur your background or assign a completely virtual background behind you. This is a very practical use.

Monster Tulpar T7 V21. 5 What are the Technical Specifications?

Yes, Tulpar T7 V21. Located in 5 RTX 3060

We’ve talked a lot about . Now it is up to you to discover the rest. Of course, we will soon take a closer look at the game performance of this card. But first, what else is in the technical staff of the laptop, let’s take a closer look at them.

Tulpar T7 V21. The processor in 5th is Intel’s 10th generation Core i7-10875H CPU, this processor is important because it has 8 physical cores and contains 16 threads. In this way, AAA opens the way to achieving high-level performance in games, while opening the door to use the laptop for professional purposes other than gaming. 2.This processor operating at 30 GHz base frequency, 5. 10 GHz can reach ceiling frequency, while Tulpar T7 V21. It is worth underlining that in 5, liquid metal thermal paste is used for the cooling system of this processor.

The total RAM capacity of the laptop 16 GB. If you want, you can increase the RAM up to 64 GB as maximum. In this model, currently used as a dual channel of 8 GB, these RAM modules 2933 MHz

Let’s also say that it works at frequency. As we always say, paying attention to the frequency value and the use of dual channels in RAM is of great importance in terms of performance.

When we come to the storage point, we see that there is an M. 2 SSD with a capacity of 512 GB in our model. To this SSD CrystalDiskMark

The result we get when we run the test at the reading point per second 1718 MB / s, if at the point of writing 925 MB / s which are good values ​​too.

By the way, if the disk capacity is not enough for you, you can increase it. 2 in laptop M. 2 SSD slots. If 512 GB is not enough for you, you can fill this space later, or you can choose it from the screen you customized the laptop at the purchase stage.

Monster Tulpar T7 V21. 5 How Does It Perform?

Yes, Tulpar T7 V21 in many ways so far. We know 5 of them. Now we come to the performance. While using this laptop, we also tried it in games, on the other hand, we also did our video rendering. In this sense, we can say that it is very useful for us. But of course the main thing is the game and as we mentioned before NVIDIA RTX 3060

With the video card, playing games on this laptop becomes quite enjoyable.

During the time we use it, both Death Strang the popular game of the last period Cyberpunk 2077 we played. We also benefited from ray tracing and DLSS technologies, as we have just mentioned in detail, in the laptop, where we provide top level performance in both. Now let’s share with you how the laptop draws a graphic in these games.

Monster Tulpar T7 V21. You can see 5 real-time game registration series by watching our video right above.

Monster Tulpar T7 V21. 5 Performance Evaluation

Yes, Tulpar T7 V21. The game performance of 5, as you can see, is very good. In the laptop, where the performance expected from RTX 3060 is achieved, visual details and ray tracing capabilities can be used comfortably. In the meantime, it is necessary to open the following bracket for the graphics card.

This laptop especially Valorant, Apex Legends and Fortnite

If you are going to buy it for competitive games like , you will also benefit from NVIDIA’s Reflex technology. NVIDIA Reflex is used to optimize latency and reduce system lag in competitive games. Thus, you can achieve higher efficiency in these games where you need to be fast.

Tulpar T7 V21 without closing the performance step. It is necessary to mention 2 more points about 5. One of these Monster Control Center. In cases where you want to get maximum performance from the laptop, it is essential to turn on the Turbo fan via the Monster Control Center or by pressing the button next to the power button. So you put the laptop in performance mode. If you are not playing games and watching movies / TV shows or surfing the internet, you can limit energy consumption by switching to office mode.

In the meantime, it is possible to make many more settings through the Monster Control Center. One of them will be changing the RGB lighting of the keyboard and light strip, as well as configuring the general settings of the laptop, optimizing the battery consumption and changing the display settings.

The other point will be the sound. On laptop Dual speakers with THX support. The sound performance provided by the speakers is also very good. It is also provided that you can configure settings using the THX interface. Thus, you can use ready-made profiles such as game, movie, music, or choose your own equalizer setting.


Yes, we came to the conclusion. Is there anything that can be said much anyway, it is discussed. As a result, Tulpar T7 V21. 5 is a really nice Notebook. We explained it in many aspects, from high-level game performance to environmental features. By the way, let’s get the following: Monster offers a 1-month Xbox Game Pass PC membership free of charge to gamers who choose this laptop and provides a lifetime free maintenance guarantee. If there is a game you cannot play, we do not even need to say that it provides a refund within the first 15 days.

Well, Monster Tulpar T7 V21. How much does the 5 cost? Right now this laptop from Monster Notebook 16 thousand 799 Dollars let’s say you can buy it if they are priced, and let’s end our review here.

] +> Monster Tulpar T7 V21. 5 Technical Specifications
Product Model Monster Tulpar T7 V21. 5
Product Type Notebook
CHIP Online Note 91
Manufacturer Monster
Company Monster Notebook (850) 255 11 11

Operating System FreeDos
Processor Intel Core i7-10875H
Processor Speed 2. 30 GHz
Core Count 8
] +> Display and Graphics

Display 17. 3 inch
Display Panel IPS
Resolution 1920 × 1080 px
Graphics Processor NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060
Graphics Capacity 6 GB
] +> Memory and Storage

Memory (RAM) 16 GB
SSD 512 GB
Optical Drive N / A
] +> Links

USB 3.1 2
USB Type-C 1
DisplayPort N / A
Bluetooth Yes
Wi-Fi 802. 11ax
Card Reader Yes
Boyudollarsar 394 × 260 × 20 mm
Weight 2. 3 kg
Technical Details
USB 3.1 Gen. 2nd 1 piece
Speaker THX Spatial Audio 2x 2W


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