Monster Notebook, which steers its activitydollar series with its unconditional customer satisfaction policy, continues its user-friendly technical support applications. The brand, which offers its users a physical store experience online from 09:00 in the morning until 24:00 at night by implementing the Monster Notebook Digital Store with the pandemic process, also provides 24/7 sales and technical support services through the Call Center channel.

Users who reach the Monster Notebook Call Center at any time of the week, can get detailed information about the products they need, and can customize the hardware components of the laptop they want to buy in the most appropriate way. When they need any technical support in the after-sales processes, they can reach the call center and request information and support from the expert teams of Monster Notebook.

Strong technical support service better performance withdollarseries

Promising maximum performance to gamers and users in search of high performance with the slogan “Immediate refund if there is a game you cannot play”, the company also offers a 100% user-oriented experience with its after-sales service and technical support services. For example, users benefit from free maintenance service within the scope of “Lifetime Free Maintenance Guarantee”. It performs operations such as internal device cleaning and thermal paste replacement every six months, ensuring that its products work with the efficiency of the first day.

Offering 24/7 uninterrupted support over 0850 255 1111, Monster Notebook provides detailed information about the technologies they are curious about and customizes their computers in the most appropriate way for their needs.

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