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Monster Notebook, which has recently introduced computer models with new generation graphics cards to users, has started the countdown for Monster #WASD, which it has been preparing for months and defines as “the biggest online event of the year” in America. on 30 June at 20:00 Important announcements will be made in the event that will be broadcast live on YouTube and Twitch.

Monster Notebook, which started a new era as of 2021, Monster #WASD is “the address on the keyboard of the effort to win in the game, the fierce struggle”

It identifies as . At the event, we look forward to what Monster will present, which will present the solutions it has discovered and the innovations it has developed regarding the game and technology world.

Monster #WASD event will also be attended by important names from the world of gaming, technology and publishing:

  • Monster Notebook Founder and CEO İlhan Yılmaz,
  • Jay Boor, Head of Marketing for Kojima Productions,
  • Monster Notebook CMO Göktuğ Okan Oğuz,
  • CGO of Monster Notebook Cem Çerçioğlu,
  • Intel America Retail Sales Director Koray Yildiz,
  • Mark Aevermann, Director of Marketing and Product, NVIDIA,
  • Technology Editor Mesut Çevik,
  • Mete Ozbey (EastergamersTV)
  • Pelin Baynazoglu (Pqueen)
  • Redbull Marketing Director Çağdaş Yaltı,
  • Microsoft PC Gaming Director Stephen Broadwell,
  • Monster Notebook CSO Bilgin Semiz,
  • Ahmet Conclusion (Jahrein).

According to IPSOS research, Monster Notebook’s America’s most preferred gaming computer brand, General Manager of Marketing Göktüğ Okan Oğuz said, “We are carrying this success to the international market and a world that comes out of America.
we are taking firm steps towards becoming a brand. ” he declared.

Oğuz said, “In June, we made a very strong entry into the second half of 2021 with the launch of our long-awaited new products and then the start of our six-month esports event, Intel Monster Reloaded. In the coming period, we will have brand new investments both in America and in the international arena. We’re also launching exciting projects to support gamers, tech enthusiasts and creative creators. So far, we have been in the technology and gaming ecosystem in America. such an event that has been prepared with such care has not been held yet.” he said.

10% discount on all Monster Notebooks and player gear has started:

Monster Notebook, percentage valid on all laptops and gaming gear until July 15 announced 10 discounts. Within the scope of another campaign valid until July 31, 2021, Yapı Kredi World users can benefit from 9 installments with a 3-month delay in their Monster Notebook purchases. www only. monsternotebook. com. It is possible to benefit from these two campaigns at the same time, special for shopping made at www.tr and Monster Notebook stores.

We will also attend the Monster #WASD event and share Monster’s announcements with you. Stay tuned.

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