After the change of administration in Afghanistan, citizens of Afghanistan tried to board the evacuation planes at an airport in Kabul. In fact, during these events, two citizens were holding onto the landing gear of an airplane that was taking off and after the plane took off. it was announced that they died by falling.

After this sad event, some sites on the internet have experienced this situation. mocking t-shirtdollarser is on sale. Some companies remove these t-shirts from sale immediately, while others continues to sell.

Shame on humanity

The incident in Kabul ” Kabil Diving Club” and showing people who fell from the plane as if they were diving, a T-shirtdollarser was prepared. This event, which can be described as a human disgrace, is also seen by many people on social media. reacted.

Some sales sites like Etsy advertise these t-shirtsdollarcool ads. while uninstalling immediately some sites are still selling this t-shirtdollarseries. Some users on social media said that they sent e-mails to companies selling these t-shirts and t-shirts. should be removed said they did.

In addition to the sales sites, there are also about this t-shirtdollarserle on YouTube. advertising videos exists. Some videos have comments turned off, while others are open. Users show their reactions under these videos, but some comments are removed later.

It is not known whether the stores that sell this T-shirtdollar series instantly will remove the products.

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