An independent developer named ThatLitdollarseCommie, one of the most popular RPG games in the world. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Created a mod for . ” NoSkyrim“, this mod allows you to do nothing in the game. So if you activate the mod and enter the game, you cannot even move your character. Nexus

This mod, served on , caused a great controversy in the game world.

Listing the NoSkyrim mod, Nexus announced that it will be available in a few hours. download banned. The reason was obvious, but ThatLitdollarseCommie was quite disturbed by this decision by Nexus. Change.com, which enables campaigns to be launched on the Internet. The developer, who started a signature campaign on org, said that this mod will be delivered to Nexus. again should be installed defending. The interesting thing is, this campaign seems to reach its target in a short time.

ThatLitdollarseCommie only Change. not organ, Reddit also took action on popular websites. Mentioning that getting rid of the Skyrim habit is a natural right for everyone, the developer also said that among those who became addicts of the game. has found support. However, Nexus has not yet made an official statement on the subject.

Although Nexus has banned NoSkyrim mod, this mod is still on many websites downloadable case. In fact, not much has changed for the players who want to reach the mode. However, Nexus was the most popular website for game mods, and the removal of NoSkyrim from this site, at least in a certain segment. disturb has

It looks like . . .

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