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ESET, the leading organization in cyber security that researches threats in the mobile world and develops solutions, is carrying out important projects to ensure the safety of users. Collaborating with Google to protect Google Play and Chrome, ESET conducts research around the world to protect and raise awareness of customers and companies.

ESET’s Financial Technologies (Fintech) research, in which 10,000 consumers and 1,200 company leaders from various industries in the UK, USA, Australia, Japan and Brazil participated, shows how much risk people take and how aware of the risks when using FinTech applications. reveals that it is. With the increasing popularity of apps, no one can predict the impact of the pandemic on the digital vitalsar. As a result of regional and national restrictions and physical restrictions on companies, the trend towards digital devices and applications is more than ever. App security needs to be taken seriously when it comes to mudolls, as interest in using FinTech platforms and solutions has grown enormously.

Interest in digital applications more than ever

The results of the study show that the popularity of FinTech solutions among customers and companies is increasing significantly. Almost two-thirds (62%) of customers worldwide use the FinTech application or platform in some way. In addition, more than two-thirds (68%) of company leaders expect the FinTech investments of the company to increase in 2021/2022, while 81% of the top executives surveyed agree that COVID-19 increases the need to improve the security of financial information.

Privacy policies are not read

However, while 42% of customers worldwide use a free FinTech application or platform, half of these customers do not know what will happen if the application they use sells their data. Also, only 31% of people read the terms and conditions of a FinTech app before downloading, while only 29% read the privacy policy.

Among the consumers surveyed, one in five people rate themselves as advanced in technology competence, although 31% of them do not use a password manager. The vast majority of those who use four or more FinTech apps install security software and are therefore better protected. However, they do not know much about the risks of FinTech applications. Only 17% think that the existing information about the risks that may arise from the use of FinTech applications such as digital wallets, budget applications or e-commerce applications is sufficient.

Cybercriminals have the potential to adversely affect industries

72% of companies prioritize actively investing in new technologies for better financial security. 81% of senior executives state that they adopt an approach that prioritizes cyber security while investing in new technology solutions. Although companies around the world prioritize FinTech solutions and cyber security, cybercriminals continue to pose a major threat. More than half of the companies surveyed (58%) are aware that they may be affected by a cybersecurity incident while relying on ticks for security. Of these companies, those in the computing, research and analytics industry (93%) and those in the accounting, banking and finance sectors (87%) think that a cybersecurity incident is likely to affect them. Companies that have experienced a cyber attack in the past have a rate of 45%.

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