Popular crypto analyst Ben Armstrong shared to his 1.2 million Youtube subscribers 2 secret altcoin projects that are out of the top 50 and are on their way to breaking into the top 10, which have been selling “crazy” recently. The analyst also explains the price forecasts for the end of the year…

In the first place, there is a storage-focused altcoin project

Ben Armstrong’s first altcoin selection is not one of his successful examples, Filecoin! The analyst chooses Arweave (AR) in the first place. AR is the native token of Arweave, currently ranked 57th by market capitalization. It calls itself the world’s first blockweave network. This is a new type of file storage that supports data with sustainable and permanent hardware and allows users and developers to store their data, documents and applications forever. Armstrong has this to say about his altcoin project:

They achieve this by knitting each block with the others on the network, creating a data storage network in a P2P (peer-to-peer) network. Arweave uses a decentralized, global, community-owned network.

Arweave is catching up to Filecoin (FIL)!

Arweave exceeds all expectations and is slowly but surely catching up with competitors like Filecoin (FIL). Arweave’s revenue from dApps is 2% this month compared to a 30% increase in spending on the Filecoin network. It saw an increase of 000. At the time of writing, Arweave’s price stands at $42.99 after retracing from the ATH level of $74.03 on September 9. Its market cap is just over $2.3 billion with a total supply of 66 million tokens. Armstrong said in the technical analysis section:

Arweave has been completely torn this year. It has increased 314% in just the last 3 months. On January 1, Arweave was barely trading at $2.68. However, this does not mean that there are no gains yet to be made. Given the utility and use case for this AR price, it won’t be out of the top 50 for much longer.

Meanwhile, Armstrong predicts AR will reach between $90 and $100 by the end of Q4 2021.

Osmosis (OSMO) is next

As a part of the Cosmos ecosystem, Osmosis is currently ranked 92nd in terms of market value. Osmosis is a decentralized exchange, namely DEX, and an advanced AMM (Automated Marketplace Maker) protocol built using the Cosmos SDK that allows developers to design, build and deploy their own customized AMMs. The Osmosis platform has already surpassed $500 million in total value (TVL) in kilidollarsi. According to the analyst, Osmosis has also made its first major blockchain upgrade. The upgrade greatly speeds up meaningful period times and also provides developers with new tools to develop Osmosis along with the roadmap.

Osmosis is currently trading at $5.73 after retracing from the ATH level of $7.03 on Sept. 20. Its market value is just under 1 billion dollars, its total supply is 325 million, 182.1 million is already in circulation. Ben Armstrong estimates the OSMO price for Q4 to be in the $12 to $16 range.

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