Windows 11, released just last month, comes with a redesigned taskbar. While some users are happy with this innovation, others are not so happy because they do not support some old features.

In addition, users have reported various problems with the taskbar. For example, a bug could cause system path tooltips to appear far from the actual feature/icon. Microsoft later fixed this error with Build 22494.

This mentioned issue is related to volume, battery, network, etc. in the Taskbar corner. It is noticed when you hover over the icons. Microsoft is also working on a fix for a core issue that caused certain icons to repeat in the taskbar corner. In this error, copies of certain icons can unexpectedly appear in different places.

In its new post, Microsoft says that they continue to test the patch with Insiders, and that the fixes will reach everyone this month or next month.

Windows 11 Taskbar Enhancements

The developer is also said to be working on drag-and-drop functionality for Windows 11, but that enhancement won’t be ready anytime soon. Microsoft will take a hiatus for Christmas and things will lag into 2022.

With Windows 11, extensive changes have been made to the taskbar and icons now appear center aligned. The drag-and-drop functionality caused problems with key features such as the Calendar popup.

If you drag a file or folder to the taskbar in Windows 11, a warning icon appears preventing users from performing the task. It was rumored that Microsoft would fix this, but this is not a bug as expected and it won’t be changed anytime soon.

In addition, the drag-and-drop functionality is expected to come back for sure. Previously, users assumed it was just a bug in the calendar popup, but it turned out to be an official design idea.

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