US-based technology giant Microsoft’s new operating system, which has been tested by users for a while Windows 11, most talked about with its design. Most of the users say that they like the semi-transparent and ovalized design of Windows 11, while some users say that they like this design. they were worried. Microsoft addressed users’ concerns in a question and answer session.

The design and brand new animations of Windows 11, to the sound of serious user kidollars, system performance would drop it. As a result, the processing of the visual features of the operating system would create an extra load for the processor and display cards, which would cause the performance of the computers to decrease. Microsoft’s situation it won’t be like this means.

The new design has nothing to do with performance

In the statements made by Microsoft, for all users considering high performanceemphasized. Microsoft officials, who said that this situation is kept at the forefront in Windows 11 and they do everything they can for high performance, your new design stated that it will not be related to the performance of computers.

Microsoft for the operating system of new design features in Windows 11 specially optimized means. The company claims that thanks to this optimization, new design features will prevent computers from straining. However, how much this claim will reflect the truth, Windows 11 stable version will be revealed when it is published.

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