Microsoft is trying to make the Teams platform the go-to conversation platform for computers. The company has now made the Teams application an integral part of Windows 11. Such an update also brought the ability to separate the chatollarser window from the actual app for Microsoft Teams.

This feature is already available in Skype for Business, which is being replaced by Teams every day. Although you can open a chat window from the main application before, when you start a new chat, a separate window will enhance the chat experience. Users will be able to enable this feature by clicking the ‘More Options’ icon, usually indicated by three dots in the top right corner of the app, and selecting Settings. From here, users will be able to select the “New Window” option under the “Open new chat in” section. Doing so will open a chat window by clicking the new chat option or simply pressing Ctrl + N.

Microsoft Teams has more than 145 million daily active users. As remote collaboration across industries becomes more common globally, more users are turning to the platform. With continuous feature additions and enhancements, Microsoft wants to make sure Teams offers stiff competition against other apps like Zoom and Google Meet.

Last month, Microsoft introduced new Teams Phone features to modernize calling.

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Michael Lewis


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