US-based technology giant Microsoft, a stable operating system that has not yet been released Windows 11 continues to work on. In this context, recently accidentally exposed for Windows 11 Paint application was officially announced with a post by Microsoft Product Director Panos Panay on Twitter.

In the statements made by Panos Panay, it was stated that the sharing made about Paint was transferred to Windows 11 from another perspective. first look was stated. The company, which created a short video for Paint, showed the brand new version of the drawing application of the years in this video. Well for Windows 11 redesignedWhat will the Paint application offer to users?

Here is the promotional video for the renewed Paint

When we look at the video prepared by Microsoft, we see that the general hadollars of Paint are preserved, but the application is no longer available. more modern we see that it has a design. It looks like the developers will also offer more drawing options in this release. Of course, the application is one of the trends of recent years. dark fashion will also have.

Panos Panay did not say anything clear about when the renewed Paint application will be available. But Paint’s in the near future Stating that it will reach Windows Insider users, Panay said that users will have to wait for a while. has implied. How did you find the new Paint? You can share your ideas with us. . .

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