While notched designs were only used on phones, they are now starting to extend to laptops and even smart saadollarsere. In addition to Apple’s new MacBook Pros, the smartwatch developed by Meta, known as Facebook until yesterday, appears to have a notch and a front camera.

It was discovered by visual app developer Steve Moser and published by Bloomberg. Moser found the image in the Facebook application developed for Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses, and it is said that the same application can be used to check the time after its release.

The device, referred to as ‘Milan’ in the code, seems to have a large screen with rounded corners, which is not much different from the Apple Watch. It is also possible to say that it will have a stainless steel body and removable straps.

Assuming this is the same Saadollar we’ve seen before, there will be a second 1080p autofocus camera on the back of the watch that can shoot when detached from the body and looks pretty interesting. It is also said to have fitness-focused features like LTE support, messaging capabilities, and a heart monitor. Reportedly, there will be three generations of the watch released at different times.

It was previously reported that the clock would arrive in the Summer of 2022. Bloomberg believes this smartwatch will hit the market next year, but adds that no final decision has been made. Facebook recently changed its name to Meta. Therefore, from now on, we will hear the name “Meta” much more often in different services and products.

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