Those who remember the Jetchildren cartoon, cartoon cars will remember that there are flying vehicles that look like boats. Candela’s new boats are very close to being a version of these vehicles without a canopy in the üsdollar series.

The company’s newly introduced and hydrofoil typethis boat actually floats on the water, thus aiming to offer a much more comfortable cruising experience. Moreover, it can be more efficient and reach a longer range than other electric boats.

Can enter mass production

In fact, although Candela has produced a similar model before, the vehicle we come across this time draws attention to the series as it is also suitable for mass production. In this regard, the founder and COE of the company, Gustav Hasselskog says that the previous version’s hydrofoil technology ((watercrafts above water) proved to be more efficient and more comfortable, but that version was a special production like handcrafted sports cars.

Stating that the company has taken technology to the next level with the new C-8, the CEO said that although the new design focuses on comfort. is efficient enough for mass production says. The company has designed the new models as larger so that eight people can ride.

The goal is to sell thousands of boats

Company’s public relations and communications manager Mikael Mahlberg, in a statement “We aim to sell thousands of C-8s, and we see it as the first boat with the potential to surpass the premium internal combustion engine. We think it can do that by a big margin, hopefully it will be an iPhone moment for boats – radicalizing our idea of ​​how bodollarsars are and how they look.” will change it.” it says.

According to Mahlberg, electric boats have many important advantages compared to traditional boats. advantage exists. Among these, he counts that new boats are quiet, easy to use, pleasant to use, but comforting for passengers, respecting nature, having no maintenance costs, cheap to use and can be improved with updates. What do you think about this boat?

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