Senior crypto analyst and trader Tone Vays shares his new Bitcoin predictions. The analyst said that Bitcoin (BTC) should finish its last correction relatively soon before it can rally sharply to six figures. Cryptocoin. com, we have compiled the analyst’s predictions for you, let’s examine them together…

Tone Vays: Bitcoin price may drop to $43,000 first!

In his new analysis, Tone Vays says that BTC’s recent price action is reminiscent of July, when the leading coin dropped below $29,000 before rising aggressively to $52,000 in less than six weeks. Tone Vays makes the following statements on the subject:

We are in a very similar environment to what happened in July. It’s crazy that we’re even in the middle of September. A lot of time has passed and this looks incredibly similar to me… I want to see a spike tomorrow or the next day that takes us to the $43,000 range, then upwards.

Tone Vays: You will have a chance to buy BTC near the $40,000 level

According to Tone Vays, Bitcoin is likely to decline for a short time and this will offer a chance to buy BTC near the $40,000 level. Tone Vays makes the following statements on the subject:

I just think another bottom will come… It is very likely that this support will be broken. I don’t like the fact how many times we bounced off this support. I think this is a bit of a short-term support. A low will offer a chance to buy Bitcoin in the $40,000 range mid this week.

Analyst: BTC can see these levels in September, October, November and December!

Assuming Bitcoin bounces off the $40,000 support range, Tone Vays charts a path to $100,000 BTC before the start of 2022. Tone Vays makes the following statements on the subject:

Either a $40,000 bottom comes next week or it can drag on to early October and then we break that $50,000 area mid to late October. We break $65,000 at the beginning of November and we’ll likely hit above $100,000 by the end of December. So I still hold the view that we will break $100,000 in December.

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