It turned out that the General Directorate of Security has launched a large-scale investigation into social media phenomena. According to the information National Piano Administration, a large number of phenomena who made the draw without permission, were called to the police station to take their statements. Some internet phenomena have already taken action to testify, while others will testify as soon as possible was learned.

It is unclear how many social media phenomena were called to testify as part of the investigation. However, according to the available information Enes Batur, Born Pumpkin, Damla Nur Altun, Ferit Karakaya, Basak Karahan, Tamer Yesildag, Sezgin Yilmaz and Cantuğ Özsoy

All of the names like are invoked in the expression.

It was learned that Damla Nur Altun and Başak Karahan gave their statements.

Internet users are familiar with Basak Karahan and Damla Nur Altun

It is stated that went to the police station to testify, and names such as Enes Batur, Tamer Yeşildağ and Sezgin Yılmaz will go to the police station to give their statements during the day. Due to the sweepstakes by social media phenomena whether they will be penalizednot clear for now.

Similar events have happened before

It’s not the first time social media influencers have been called to testify because of their sweepstakes. between them before Reynmen, a group of social media phenomena, including names such as the National Lottery Administration, claimed that they were drawing the lottery without permission. they were called to testify. According to the law, drawings made without permission from the National Lottery Administration are considered a crime and there are certain penalties for this.

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