The pandemic had radically changed our order and had its effects in many areas of our lives. At the beginning of these areas education and business is coming. Because before the pandemic, classes are being held in schools, and people are trying to do their jobs. to workplaces was going. With the arrival of the pandemic, almost all of them online started to be implemented.

But in general vaccination accelerating their work and mask use, the pandemic has weakened a little bit all over the world. This raises questions such as when şirkedollarserin will call its employees back to the office. an office rental company Hubble is before us today with a survey in which employees convey their thoughts on this issue.

The biggest advantage of working remotely is being ‘working remotely’:

In Hubble’s survey, employees 79 percent, as the biggest advantage of remote working go to work, it should not be deep is showing. At the end of the study, the difference between commute time and the enjoyment of working from home direct relationship. This situation, which can be explained as the farther they are from the office, the more they enjoy working remotely, shows that the biggest advantage of working remotely is working remotely.

If we look at the data that supports this, 2 hours away from office of the inhabitants of the points 84.2 percent positivewe see that you have a remote working experience. to the office Less than 15 minutes, this rate is for people living at a distance. 56.4 percent. If More than 1 hour, on the other hand, in the survey conducted, it was determined that the remote working that there is no cons stated.

Participants 55 percent, working from home saving said it was also useful. So what are your thoughts on this? Do you think there is a need to go back to the offices or is remote work more efficient for both the employees and the company?

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