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According to Twitter user , the MacBook Air model, which is expected to be released in the middle of 2022, will come with the ARM architecture M2 processor developed by Apple.

MagSafe technology, USB-C ports, 1080p webcam and a 30-watt power adapter are also among the features of the new Air. According to what Dylan said, the laptop will be very thin and will not have any active cooling, similar to previous generations. It is also expected to be available in various color options such as iMac.

The redesigned MacBook Air 2022 looks much more like the Pro than previous generations. Frames, keyboard areas will be a whitish color. FaceID technology, SD card slot and HDMI port are not expected for now.

The relevant Twitter account was just before Apple announced it. iPad Pro with M1 processor and is known to accurately share details about 24-inch iMacs.

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