M. As you know, small passive cooling solutions are used in SSDs and this provides sufficient cooling performance in general. RaidSonic has launched the Icy Box IB-M2HSF-705, a new heatsink designed to keep even the hottest SSDs under control.

The IB-M2HSF-705 is the company’s second M. 2 SSD cooler under the Icy Box brand. This powerful cooler is tailored for 80mm long M.2 SSDs and has a cooling capacity of 23W, which is too much for most M.2 SSDs. According to the manufacturer, the IB-M2HSF-705 can reduce your drive’s temperatures by up to 40% compared to passive M.

The IB-M2HSF-705, which is 75x30x50mm in size, comes with an aluminum heatsink consisting of 22 0.5mm thick cooling fins with 2mm air space between them. It also features dual 4mm copper heatpipes. The copper heatpipe is in direct contact with the M. 2 SSD and therefore does very good heat dissipation.

With a thermal conductivity of 1.5 W/mK, used to further increase the cooling capacity, the thermal pad can withstand operating temperatures between -20 and 180 degrees Celsius. The cooling fan will be able to deliver up to 4.87 m³/h (2.87 CFM) of airflow while reaching up to 8,500 RPM.

The IB-M2HSF-705 model cooler has started to be listed on Amazon and its selling price is not clear. The previous-gen B-M2HSF-702 retailed for $29.99, so its successor should have a similar, if not lower, price tag.

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