The character of Luke Skywalker also appeared in an episode of the second season of The Mandalorian. This character, created in a computer environment, that is not played by Mark Hamill or anyone else; particularly unrealistic and emotionless. Right after, a YouTuber edited the scene in question, and it has recently reaped the rewards of this work.

Lucasfilm, creator of the Star Wars saga, has been criticized Editing the Luke Skywalker scene with the ‘deepfake’ method hired a fan to prevent similar failures from happening again. The person known for such videos on YouTube will work in the CGI section.

Shamook’s comparative deepfake video that caught Lucasfilm’s attention:

Known for ‘deepfake’ videos on YouTube Shamook received a job offer from Lucasfilm because of one of their videos. Luke Skywalker, who appeared in the eighth episode of the second season of The Mandalorian, was not liked by the fans. This character, whose face hadollar was yellow and whose skin color was too artificial, was corrected by Shamook and the new version of the scene was highly appreciated on YouTube. Lucasfilm also recruited this talented deepfaker to prevent similar mistakes from happening again.

Shamook’s channel currently has 33 deepfake videos. The YouTuber places the characters that are not originally included in the movies into certain scenes almost perfectly. An example of these is the character portrayed by Harrison Ford. We can show you the video of Indiana Jones by Chris Pratt. Also, The Mandalorian deepfake isn’t the only Star Wars video YouTuber has made. Shamook made Wilhuff Tarkin, who was placed in the Rogue One movie with the CGI method, much more realistic, and this video also received great acclaim from the followers.

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