Publicity and Media President Mahir Ünal, who recently participated in a live broadcast by journalist Cüneyt Özdemir on YouTube, Love 101

in the series named Osman

He stated that the character named was originally written as homosexual.

“This might seem like a normal thing”

Unal said , “People’s homosexual identity is one thing, compliance with public morality is another. “ in the words of homosexuality should not be considered had hinted at it.

Playing the character of Kerem in Aşk 101 Kubilay Aka in a tweet after these remarks “It’s 2020, the ones who do sexism on the one hand, and fake news about the scenarios on the other. “ against the first news that Osman was actually a gay character. response expressed.

To your tweet, “My dear elders, in this country every day women and animals are raped and violated. Which one suits you better? A little understanding ”

Continuing with statements, Aka said that Osman was actually a homosexual character. in denial, which should also be dropped on more different problems reminded that.

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