, which has become the most popular social media platform in recent years. TikTok is constantly making changes to the mobile app. These changes are especially related to the extension of the duration of the videos shot recently. The platform, which allowed only 15-second-long videos in the first periods of its publication, increased the limit to 30 seconds a while ago, and in July, Up to 3 minutes had extended.

Now it turns out that TikTok is working on a new feature. Known for his work on mobile applications Matt Navarra announced a new feature that the platform is working on. According to the statements made by Navarra, TikTok will be launched in the near future. Up to 5 minutes will allow videos to be taken.

TikTok is preparing to send an alert to its users worldwide

According to the statements made by Navarra, a small user kidollarse is a user who mentions that they can upload videos up to 5 minutes long to TikTok. notification they began to see. The notification, which is thought to be seen by all users in the near future, will increase the video duration on the platform. officially will have taken it up to 5 minutes.

Time limit on TikTok can exceed 5 minutes

Although the tweet revealed by Matt Navarra consists of a notification about the 5-minute videos, users can much longer videos looks like they can upload it to the platform. A TikTok video that a user comes across has a duration of more than 7 minutes. This means TikTok is actually Instagram. Similar to IGTV reveals that he is working on a feature. However, TikTok has not made an official statement about these features for now.

The video on TikTok, which is longer than 7 minutes, is as follows;

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