Michaël van de Poppe said he expects rally in Chainlink (LINK) and 4 altcoin projects, while pushing Ethereum price predictions above $10,000. The analyst examines the technical levels of altcoin prices against BTC and determines the appropriate levels for entry/exit. Let’s start with Ethereum…

Van de Poppe raised the bar on Ethereum!

The crypto strategist tells his 424,200 Twitter followers that Ethereum has recorded similar levels following the 2017 bull market trajectory. These are Poppe’s expectations for Ethereum, which is currently trading below $3,000:

Ethereum has a nice comparison between 2017 and 2021. In 2017, it had a similar structure to 2021 and was broken down with a 50% correction. Now the same price action is occurring with a 35% correction. My target is 15,000-20% of ETH. 000 dollars, the way is still open.

LINK targets these levels against Bitcoin

The crypto analyst also said that he creates an optimistic picture against Bitcoin (LINK/BTC) on the decentralized oracle network Chainlink. Van de Poppe sees LINK rise towards resistance at 0.0007 BTC worth $29.42, representing a 27% move from the current 0.00055 BTC ($23.11). Michaël van de Poppe’s statements were as follows:

Chainlink: The lowest valued altcoin in the top 20. I am still optimistic about projects and races.

EGLD is preparing for a strong rally against BTC, according to analyst

The next cryptocurrency on the investor’s radar is Elrond (EGLD), a blockchain platform designed to power distributed applications, enterprise use cases, and crypto transactions. According to Van de Poppe, Elrond is poised for a strong rally to its target of 0.008 BTC at $336.25 against Bitcoin (EGLD/BTC). According to the analyst, the rally can reach these levels:

EGLD is always one of the first to debut. Earlier this year, February also ran with a top spot. She can turn their resistance into support nicely. I think we are holding this level and we have another rally to (0.008 BTC).

It is critical that altcoin COTI stays above this support!

For the next payments infrastructure platform COTI (COTI), the analyst says it needs to stay above the $0.48 or $0.41 support to ignite a surge above 100%:

One of these two levels is likely to turn into support and continue to $1.

Analyst’s list in Altcoin Harmony (ONE)

Another altcoin on Poppe’s radar is Harmony (ONE), which focuses on powering a decentralized . According to Van de Poppe, Harmony is preparing for a 90% rally in Bitcoin pair (ONE/BTC) from the current value of 0.00000368 BTC ($0.15). The analyst’s technical comments were:

This time, he did a massive support/resistance conversion. Next up, a little correction before 0.00007 BTC ($0.29) and more could come.

Fetch. ai (FET) is ready for these levels according to the analyst

Cryptocoin. com

The last altcoin in van de Poppe’s list, whose analysis we shared as , is Fetch, a decentralized machine learning network. ai (FET) becomes. According to the crypto strategist, Fetch. ai looks bullish against Bitcoin (FET/BTC) after converting the previous 0.000014 BTC ($0.59) resistance to support. Poppe expects these levels from the FET:

It’s probably up for 0.00005 BTC ($2.10).

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