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Michaël van de Poppe, whose analysis we shared as , announced 5 altcoin projects that he expects to potentially increase in the coming weeks. We start with The Graph (GRT), which is at the top of the list…

Altcoin GRT ends downtrend against Bitcoin

Van de Poppe’s first pick is GRT, which ends the downtrend against Bitcoin and is probably preparing to make ATH against Bitcoin again. GRT, which was traded at $ 0.96 at the time of Poppe’s statements, is preparing to test the 0.000061 BTC level, which corresponds to $ 2.82 according to the analyst. The analyst’s expectations from the GRT price are as follows:

I think the chances of this (0.0000035 BTC or $1.62) or perhaps even furthering to an all-time high are significant given the fact that we are shifting the entire cycle towards bullish.

Analyst’s second choice is Skale Network (SKL)

Poppe’s next pick is Skale Network (SKL), an Ethereum-compatible altcoin project. As SKL prepares for a rally against BTC, it will be highly decisive to surpass the $0.35 or $0.0000076 resistances, according to Poppe. The levels that the analyst expects after these resistances are as follows:

If it comes out of here, you’ll be looking at a run towards the highs around (0.0000145 BTC or $0.67). And we’ll probably break new records overall, so Skale will be one of those great runners.

Swipe (SXP) becomes third choice

A crypto debit card issuer Swipe’s SXP token becomes the third altcoin project Van de Poppe has followed. The analyst does not expect SXP to break the $3.64 resistance immediately, and the levels he predicts for buying are as follows:

We face resistance with the swipe, so this is not expected to break. Where do we want to login? This is the first real entry point you look at ($2.59) or when it turns here ($3.64 resistance to support).

Popular altcoin Zilliqa (ZIL) on analyst’s radar

The scalability-focused Blockchain Zilliqa (ZIL) is the fourth altcoin project on Van de Poppe’s radar. The crypto trader says ZIL is ready for a big run after finding support at $0.000002 BTC or $0.09 against BTC. Here are the levels Poppe expects:

If we’re going to break a new high, it’s pretty normal to expect a chance to break above this (0.000007 BTC or $0.32) or at least (0.0001 BTC or $0.46).

Last in line is Celer Network (CELR)

Van de Poppe’s final pick is Celer Network’s CELR token, the Layer-2 scaling platform. CELR could strengthen the possibility of a rally after testing the critical support 0.0000007 BTC ($0.03) against BTC. It could then reach its target of 0.0000029 BTC or $0.13, 0.0000046 BTC ($0.21) and 0.0000063 BTC ($0.29).

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